These songs have a special place in my heart that either remind me of someone or an event in my life. Hopefully you’ll listen and like something from here :)

aesthetic, Logo, and glow image love, couple, and the 1975 image
Robbers by The 1975
Hope Sandoval, music, and mazzy star image wallpaper, moon, and stars image
Fade into you by Mazzy Star
concert, pure heroine, and ️lorde image skeleton, dotwork, and artwork image
Ribs by Lorde
lana del rey, video games, and lana image 90s, retro, and 80s image
Video Games by Lana Del Rey
girl, model, and willow smith image art, arte, and black and white image
4 non blondes image girl, cigarette, and smoke image
What’s up? By 4 non blondes
aesthetics, beauty, and musician image Image removed
Melting by Kali Uchis
joji miller, papa franku, and george miller image 90s, aesthetic, and fish image
Will He by JOJI
boys, butterfly, and hip hop image love, wallpaper, and couple image
What Kind of Love by Childish Gambino
album, art, and drawing image couple, gif, and sleep on the floor image
Angela by The Lumineers
yours truly
- boi bet