» info

  • name: Emerald Oz
  • birthday: May 27
  • story: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  • role: Daughter of the Wizard
  • alignment: Rebel

» appearance

hair image eye, green, and Harry Styles image dimples, girl, and photography image fingers, fingertips, and touch image
long emerald hair with soft curls, emerald green eyes with some sparkles in them, dimples, pretty smile, pale skin

» personality

quotes and words image quotes, words, and moment image quotes, woman, and aesthetic image green, quotes, and aesthetic image quotes, dark, and sylvia plath image quotes, love, and feelings image
independent, scared of what people think of her, cunning, quiet, short-tempered, nice, thoughtful, very smart

» style

classic, details, and fashion image dress, haute couture, and elie saab image dress, valdrin sahiti, and green image shoes, green, and fashion image etsy, wedding jewelry, and long earrings image bling, bracelet, and cuff image

» abilities

DC, green, and teen titans image magic, art, and hands image
Emerald learned magic from her father, but is becoming more and more powerful.

» hobbies

hogwarts, harry potter, and potion image book, rain, and coffee image aesthetic, nature, and place image bubbles, aesthetic, and green image
brewing secret potions, reading, painting scenery, exploring mystical places

» dorm

casa, green, and home image Temporarily removed emerald, gold, and green image damask, drapes, and emerald image

» friends

cards and playing cards image gold, king, and crown image
Lizzie Hearts
back, girl, and hands image art, beauty, and grunge image
Raven Queen

» pet

parrot, bird, and green image bird, green, and animal image
An emerald green bird named Jade

» story

Image by lindsey Caricaturas image
Emerald will eventually have to trick a whole land that she is extremely powerful, but she actually will be. However, she will be exiled once found out.

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