this article is inspired by @funlovingspiritkells

hey my name is alina and today I want to share some information about myself :)

my nationality

aesthetic, beautiful, and fog image deutschland, germany, and latticeclimbing image
my dad is half russian and half german, my mum is lithuanian but we live in germany :)

my languages

cancer, Lyrics, and quote image board, german, and green image
i speak english and german. i really want to learn more languages

my eye color

drawing, painting, and art image blue, tumblr, and eyes image

my natural hair color

blonde, lena, and lips image flowers, hair, and braid image

my favorite color

wallpaper, background, and moon image grunge, purple, and hand image

my zodiac sign

astrology, horoscope, and pisces image pisces, zodiac, and astrology image

my siblings

babies, brother, and sister image 2020, fashion, and icons image
i have an older brother and a younger sister - they are my best friends.

my destinations

city, sunrise, and clouds image antique, bridge, and buckinghamshire image
I want to visit so many places, but my next two are lithuania and england or scottland.

my favorite animal

dog image cute, aesthetic, and animal image
dogs and cows

my favorite food

aesthetic, angelic, and food image food, pancakes, and berries image
my mothers pancakes

the traits I look for in a person

couple, love, and alternative image aesthetic, affection, and boyfriend image
loyality, kindness, honesty and similar interests.

my job

study, school, and book image notes and study image
I'm a student

my favorite season

aesthetic, theme, and picnic image flowers, daisy, and spring image

my favorite holiday

art, illustration, and monster image christmas, winter, and snow image
halloween and christmas

my hobbies

book, coffee, and study image Image removed
I like to write, draw and skate

my dream place to live

bed, candle, and forest image Fairies, fey, and forest image
somewhere in a forest

my inspirations

meme, funny, and icarly image quotes, Dream, and motivation image
my dreams and people who live in success
thanks for reading! good luck xoxo,