Hi! Today I'm gonna share with you two of my best memories and what I've learnt thanks to them. Let's go!


⭒My first documentary⭒

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When I was 12, I was singing in a choir. One day, a filmmaker came to our music school and explained that he was looking for a group of teenagers in order to create a documentary about our small city. I've always dreamed to be a journalist and a director so it was amazing for me. My head was full of ambition, dreams and hopes.

But, I was also terrified because I was suffering from social anxiety (and I still have it)... and I was so afraid of meeting new people and of being, "in the spotlight." Finally, I decided to talk about this project with my parents and I decided to participate in this documentary.

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Spoiler: It has been so amazing! Now, I have a DVD with a documentary made of MY pictures and of the pictures of other teenagers. This documentary confirmed my dreams and I have written two other documentaries! I have loved to have total freedom, I was just alone with my camera in my small city. I met so many wonderful persons during the "shooting" and discovered so many new aspects of my beloved city.

⭒My first pride⭒

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This summer, I helped a charity to organize a pride. This step has been very hard because again, it is very difficult for me to meet new people and "speak up." But the hard part was reading my speech in front of 1,000 people...

This speech was so personal and important and if you want to read it, I can send it to you. It talks about my doubts and fears about my sexuality and the LGBTQIA+ community. It talks about my feelings.

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So, I was terrified of this speech, but I was also sure that this moment would be so powerful and important in my life. Finally, I did it. It helped me to accept my sexuality, it made me happy, proud of myself and stronger!


⭒My conclusion⭒

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To conclude, these two experiences made me realize that you must be bold sometimes and don't listen to your fears. For me, sometimes you have to go further and suffer a little to experience new things and become a better person.

But take care of yourself and be nice to yourself!

That's all for today! See you soon!

This article was written by @lotta1f for the We Heart It Gazette.