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do i usually take advantage of the day or night?
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I'm usually more productive at night
do i usually plan my outings or is it spontaneous?
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I usually plan them but sometimes it turns out to be spontaneous and I love it
do i usually use color or prefer something neutral?
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something neutral
do i usually prefer long plane trips or quiet plans in my city?
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I love to travel! but i usually go out in my city because there's always something to do
do i usually do everything with or without music?
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I think that most things are better with music, so usually i do everything with music, except for like reading, studying and things like that
do i usually ask for advice or do i give it?
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I usually ask for advice
do i usually forget or remember?
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I usually forget and I have to write down important things lol
do i usually prefer learning a language than learning a sport?
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usually I prefer to learn a new languague as I'm not that good at sports
do i usually want to live in an imposing skyscraper or in a house in the mountains?
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I prefer to live in a skyscraper in the city because there's more stuff to do
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