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A few weeks ago I finished watching The King and I have collected information and curiosities that perhaps you did not realize :)!
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Title: 더 킹: 영원 의 군주
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Historical, Family
Episodes: 16
Broadcast channel: SBS
Issue period: April 17 to June 12, 2020
Soundtrack: The King: Eternal Monarch OST

About the plot:
A fantasy and romance drama in which a deity has unleashed a demon(Lee Gon's Uncle) into the human world, and that demon has opened the door to a parallel world. One resembles modern Korea as we know it, while the other is an alternate universe in which Korea is an empire ruled by a single monarch. To fight evil and close the door between his two worlds, the ruler of the Korean Empire, Lee GON (Lee Min-ho) , ends up joining forces with detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go-eun) , who resides in present-day Korea.

About main actors:


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I liked his character but actually shows it off at the end.
I have nothing against Lee Min Ho, but I think that his performance is overrated. His image sells and is loved by many but he has what it takes to improve and I hope he achieves it and plays a completely different role than what he has been doing.
I think Lee Min-ho should try different genres to break out of his comfort zone a bit, I'd like to watch him in a Historical one.

I do not hate any actress, it is only my opinion, I think that her role is very similar to her previous works, she looks identical to her character in Goblin, her appearance and way of acting.

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She cries at some points and it doesnt work for her character, or at least they didnt show how it should've been.

Jung Tae-eul from 대한민국 (daehanminguk) and Luna from Korea ruled by a monarchy (2nd world)
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I was expecting a scene with the red scarf:P

About his previous works I have only watched Great Seducer and My Country. I was delighted to wa tch another side of him in his character Eun Sup (it made me laugh a lot). My Favorite character from here for sure.

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This drama keep you like this while watching:


It is Lee Min-ho's first drama after being discharged from the military on April 25, 2019. And it is the last of Woo Do-hwan before leaving for the army.

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In this scene I couldn't think of anything else...

BTS is mentioned in episode 8

The Horse's name is Maximus

This remember me to Rapunzel animated movie from Disney, it has the same name as the horse and it is white too.

Minomi It is Lee Min Ho's inspired character that first appeared in Personal Tase (2010)

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In episode 15 it is seen as Nari reads Lee Rim's hand, this seems like a reference to her role in "Mister Sunshine" as she played a card reader (Hotaru).

Hotaru (Mister Sunshine)

About the advertising it has become a bit excessive since in the entire series the only thing they drink is bottled coffee and fried chicken.
Actors seemed forced to say something about the products to promote.

The plot
Its messy. So many unnecessary characters. At some point I've stopped understanding what's going on and had to rethink how certain things are affecting anyone in the series. I enjoyed Kim Eun Sook's Mister Sunshine and Goblin but this one has left me feeling like it's missing and there's a lot of unnecessary filler.

Main Couple

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I do think they had good chemistry, so sweet. I would have liked to watch more scenes of the couple because I feel that its missing in that aspect even though they fit good together.

Things that were not clear:

What is the origin of the Sikjeok (flute)?

My opinion: Maybe the sikjeok was created or where does it come from (flute that allows you to travel in time, travel to parallel worlds) because it is an element in which everything revolves around. There is really no way to know the answer since the night of the Treason the uncle had already brought it..

Lee Rim

What did those rays mean in some parts of your body?

My opinion: I think it was a consequence of crossing the worlds
But then why Tae-el, Eun sup and Yeong did not had that.

Court Lady Noh

The Lady Noh character has stood by King Lee Gon from the beginning of the plot, as a babysitter but also a great support for someone who has lost his family.

She told about her life, her family and relevant dates for her, saying that she left her homeland years ago, because of this, Lady Noh wants to know what happened in the war started in 1950.

The war mentioned by Lady Noh is part of the history of the Republic of Korea, but at that time, the history of the Kingdom of Korea was another.
For that reason, we can interpret Lady Noh as belonging to the Republic of Korea, but how did she get to the other world? According to this, before Lee Rim someone else already knew of the existence of both realities and crossed the portal, but we do not know with what intentions or if it was who guided Lady Noh so that she could cross.

Does she know of the parallel world? she was also the one who kept the flute and gave it to the king.

Who knows, a complete mystery...

Okay, but, who is this boy?

We do not know for sure who he really is, but he could be Destiny, since he knew exactly what was going to happen.
Since in one episode someone ask him why the yo-yo thread is red and the child answers him "because I decided", what would come to be the "red thread of fate", is an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread can be stretched or contracted, but it will never break.

Why in episode 16, Jeong Tae-eul still remembered Lee Gon and the others didn't after changing time?

My opinion: because he stayed between the timeline, while Lee Gon traveled back in time to defeat Uncle Lee Rim (the villain in the story), and when the flute was complete the boy (maybe destiny) grew up, and that's why he left them with their memories because they are meant to be.

But what is with Shin Jae? He remembers as well.


What does that ending mean?

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My opinion: That they would take all their lives seeing each other only on weekends until they got old. To be honest if their relationship was that way seems silly and What's the point? .

I thought that as Taeul left Luna in her world so that she would live with Lee Gon it would have been a more feasible option for us, since they would have been king and queen. (I actually thought it would be like that but it didnt).

When he ran to her on a horse with police behind him to save her declaring her a queen, that was a horrible cringe and for nothing because she didn't become the queen.
I personally did not like that ending.

I have to confess that this is my 94th kdrama and as you can know that the first one I watched was from Lee Min Ho "Legend of the blue sea", it has been too long since 94 series I have passed since I watched lee min ho on my screen. .

It has very good performances, the actors gave everything, I enjoyed all the romantic and fun scenes.
I like this new concept of parallel universe mixing with time travel. The drama gets interesting in the last few episodes. This show has great special effects, you can clearly see the contrast in Republic of Korea and Kingdom of Corea.
I found some similaritiea to the dramas in Legend of the blue sea and Goblin but they are minimal (previous works of our main couple).

The first episode can be difficult to understand due to the theme of the 2 worlds, but as it progresses you will surely differentiate them. There are some things that are not clarified and are open to the imagination.


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