Confidence came to me recently. I think it is something that comes and goes but I do know that I feel like my best self and everything I do is better when I feel confident. Confidence comes from inside, not the outside world. How you think about yourself, how you handle what other people think/say about you and the way you carry yourself all contribute to your level of confidence.

You have to let go of all fear to feel truly confident. You might feel sparks of confidence when you're still holding on to fear but once you let go you'll really know how it feels. If you're like me and really hard on yourself then confidence is a little harder to come by. That is ok, having high expectations for yourself is good, just don't be too crazy. Give yourself credit where credit is due. You are stronger than you know, you are doing your personal best. That deserves credit and you should totally feel confident about that.

That was the hurdle for me to jump, how do I balance being hard on myself and always wanting more and being confident and giving myself credit. Life is a journey and you just learn along the way. Everyone's journey is different. I think over time you just learn how to balance it, and you've got to be good at seeing that your little mind is talking to you and not your higher self. Your higher self will give you the true credit you deserve and will motivate you to be better when you need to. It will never berate you or think negatively about you for it sees you for who you are.

So, let go of fear, listen to your higher self and balance holding yourself to high expectations and giving yourself credit where it is due. Confidence truly does feel amazing. There is fine line between confidence and arrogance. You'll know the difference based on how you feel. Arrogance comes from fear, Confidence comes from Love.

Love yourself, love others and truly feel confident. You'll feel unstoppable. Wishing you all the confidence you deserve and the strength to let go of all fear! -ACE 💛💙