Crete is the biggest greek island and it once had a king and a queen, Minos and Persiphae, they were parents to eight children but in the intricate palace of knossos another child was hidden, a very peculiar one. He was called Minotaur (literally the "bull of Minos") and he was in fact half man and half bull, one of his sisters, Ariadne, was in charge of the labirinth were he was confined. Every seven years, the city of Athens sacrificed seven young men and seven maidens to this creature, but one year one of the boys decided the he would've been the one to defeat the minotaur, his name was Theseus.
Ariadne fell in love with him at first sight and decided to help him come back alive from the labirinth, so she provided him with a sword and a ball of thread to retrace the way out. By doing so Ariadne betrayed her family and her country, so when Theseus came back victorious the two eloped.
On their way back to Athens they stopped on the island of Naxos where Ariadne fell asleep. When she woke up, she was left alone on the shore and the only trace of Theseus were the sails of the ship, now distant.
She cried, afraid she was going to die alone on the wild island, but the god Dionysus heard her, and thought she was so beautiful that he wanted to marry her. So he took her with him to the Olympus, thus making her immortal.

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"By these tears I pray you - tears moved by what you have done - turn about your ship, reverse your sail, glide swiftly back to me! If I have died before you come, 'twill yet be you who bear away my bones!"