Hello loves, this article is about 26 flowers from A-Z with their meanings. Flowers symbolize so many different things! This article was really fun to make and I really hope you enjoy it! ♥

A ~ Amaryllis

Strong, confident, pride, determination, and radiant beauty
flowers, red, and theme image burgundy, flowers, and amaryllis image

B ~ Baby's breath

Everlasting, unconditional love, pureness, and rekindling love
america, flower, and the selecthion image flowers, baby breaths, and baby breath image

C ~ Carnation

Fascination, admiration, distinction, good fortune and love
flowers, pink, and nature image flowers, pink, and rose image

D ~ Daisy

New beginnings, innocence, and purity
flowers, indie, and grunge image flowers, daisy, and nature image

E ~ Echinacea

Strength and good health
flower, pink, and echinacea image bright, flowers, and green image

F ~ Forget me not

True love, fidelity, and deep compassion
soft, spring, and aesthetic image blue, flowers, and forest image

G ~ Gerbera daisy

Cheerfulness, innocence, and joy
daisy and flowers image Image removed

H ~ Hydrangeas

Heartfelt emotions, perseverance, gratitude, deep understanding, and honesty
beautiful, flowers, and hydrangeas image flores, flowers, and hydrangea image

I ~ Iris

Royalty, wisdom, hope, and trust
art, bouquet, and decor image blue, flower, and drops image

J ~ Jasmine

Unconditional and eternal love, modesty, good fortune, positive energy, and sensuality
beautiful, flowers, and pice image flowers, jasmine, and seringa image

K ~ King Protea

Courage, daring, change, and transformation
aesthetic, beautiful, and flowers image aesthetic, flowers, and pink image

L ~ Lilac

Beginning of love/first love, spirituality, and tranquility
beautiful, enjoy, and flower image Image by 𝐺𝑖𝑢𝑙𝑖𝑎𝑛𝑎 𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞

M ~ Marigold

Pleasure, bliss, gratitude, and farewell
flowers, marigolds, and orange image flowers image

N ~ Nemophila

To love, success, tenderness, and innocence
flower, spring, and nemophila image baby blue, beautiful, and flowers image

O ~ Orchid

Fertility, femininity, luxury, elegance, refinement, and maturity
garden, pink, and leaves image burgundy, flores, and flowers image

P ~ Peony

Prosperity, good fortune, wealth, honor, and happy life
bouquet, flower, and flowers image flowers, pink, and nature image

Q ~ Queen Anne's Lace

flowers, vintage, and hand image black and white, flora, and flower image

R ~ Rose

Love and passion
rose, red, and flowers image rose, flowers, and red image

S ~ Sunflowers

Adoration, dedication, warmth, longevity, and loyalty
sunflower, flowers, and nature image sunflower, flowers, and yellow image

T ~ Tulip

True love and hope
beautiful, black, and boy image flowers, pink, and tulips image

U ~ Ursinia

Innocent love
flowers and yellow image Temporarily removed

V ~ Verbena

Protection, healing, well wishes, and happiness
background, flowers, and garden image bangladesh, verbena, and colorful image

W ~ Water lily

Purity, rebirth, and enlightenment
flowers, green, and water lily image aesthetic, flowers, and lotus image

X ~ Xeranthemum

flower and xeranthemum image aesthetic, beautiful, and flowers image

Y ~ Yarrow

Lasting love, healing, and protection
flower, herb, and yarrow image flower, herb, and yarrow image

Z ~ Zinnia

Endurance, friendship, goodness, and remembrance
flowers, flores, and zinnia image flowers and zinnia image
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Hope you enjoyed this article! :)
Stay positive,
spread happiness,
and inspire others.

Love, Raianna