name: Faith Cherif El-Ovazzani
age: 17y/o
birthday: 27 july
zodiac sign: leo

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eye color : dark green
hair : brown, curly, short
skin : black
height : 5,7 (1,76)
others features : she has full lips

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good traits : loyal, funny, positive state of mind, caring, reflective, outgoing, determinated, wise, she knows how to keep a secret, loves passionately, strong-willed.
bad traits : too pround, pickly, she has to be in control of what's happening, perfectionist, irascible, sometimes childish, too snarky.

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backstory : her family lived in South Africa, her mum's (Adjatay) native land, but when she died from cancer (Faith was eight years old), they moved to Edinburgh, her dad's (Keith) native land. She has a sister, Nasha, who is 23 years old. She and her dad are working in a small restaurant in the city centre. Going to Hearthstone Academy is a tradition: Keith studyed there and so did Nasha.

Faith's passions

  • architecture, -she can examine buildings or houses for hours;
  • sculpture, -she loves to reproduce ancient sculptures with wax or marble;
  • read, -she prefer reading the history of cities and poetry or novels with friends;
  • writing, -she keeps a daily journal;
  • piano and singing, - she loves to play the piano and sing, indeed, she has a beautiful voice.
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she helps doing the sets in the theatre for the annual play
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she also sing in the play

love interest : Oliver Prior
they met in a café in Catachan last spring. he is one year older than Faith. they started seeing each others after school and, shortly, they became best friend. and then, before summer break, they started dating.

Faith defining Dark Academia?
blak coffee always in her hands, ancient sculptures in the hallways, the sound of rain while playing the piano, red wine while reading with friends, huge papers, reading instead of sleeping, kissing her lover when no one's looking, singing in the theatre, calipers, drawing teams and protactor, laying in grass in summer time, cheering her friends, pens, pencils, rubber, the sad sound of Oxford on the stone, close relantionship with teachers, studying at night or during lunch because she focus her energies and attention on what she likes the most.


name : Violet Baudelaire
age : 17 y/o
birthday : 13 march
zodiac sign : pisces

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eye color : brown
hair : red, straight, long
skin : ivory
height : 5,5 (1,70)
other features: she has a scar in her neck

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good traits : kind, polite, charismatic, intelligent, delicate, witty, meaningful, understanding, strong immagination, sherewd.
bad traits : shy, sensitive, a bit naive, give her trust immediately to people, indecisive, lazy, touchy, she prefers not to put the face.

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backstory : she was born and raised in Nizza, in south france. Her parents are rich, her father is a marquis and because of that the family has to have a certein behavior. Violet is the first daughter of the marquis, then there is Méline, who has 16 years old, and lastly, Louis, who is 11. Her parents decided to put the two daughter at Hearthstone because they found out Méline kiss girls and that's not good for their public imagine. Violet was obligated to go with her sister only to keep an eye for the parents, little they know, the two sister only talk to each others when they have to respond their's parents letters.

Violet's passions

  • harp, -she started at the age of six and never stopped since then, she loves everything about the instrument;
  • read, -she reads to her deepest desire, when she has a book she never put it down until she finished it;
  • literature, -she loves studying every type of literature;
  • violin, -she enjoy playing also the violin, not as much as the harp tho;
  • painting, -she is into painting with cheerful color, though she uses dark color when her mood switch or she is angry or sad.
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she is part of the school's orchestra
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she helps writing the play

love interest : Stephan Anderson
she've had a crush on him for the past year and an half and they have been best friends for three now. he think of Violet as a sister.

Violet definig Dark Academia?
dark lipstick, playing the harp in the theatre, staying in class reading during lunch, red wine, no sleep, loving in secret, running to classes, daydreaming, always a notebook with her, the porfume of roses, the sound of violin pizzicato, studying at night, the silence of the library, let her friends doing the first move with someone new, classical music, new books, adventures with friends, poetry, grass and sun on her skin, the porfume of bread just made remaind her of home, french literature, windy days, school uniform, sweet lies, lay in bed doing nothing but reading, crying under the shower, painting only still life.


my last article of this new "series" (no idea if I'm going to write a story, right now I enjoy doing the character that will be in a possible dark academia releted story)
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