how long has it been since i posted an article? i think it´s been too long, which is why i am here with a new one!

in case you don´t know, i love reading. my grandma bought me books for all of my birthdays for sixteen years, and she always supported me in reading, although she always worried when will my bookcase space run out. thanks to her, i know so many amazing books and thanks to her, i am a little bit more educated about world.

let´s start!

i got inspired by this article:

thank you for posting this, paloma! :)
1. e-books or physical books?

i think physical books have that nice feeling of realness. does that make sense? like, you can flip the pages, sniff the smell of freshly printed book, close it to let the feels happen and many great advantages.

but! recently i started to think of buying a kindle, because i think e-books are cheaper and kindle is much easier to carry with you than six hundred pages long (and thick) book. i still like physical books better, though!

aesthetic image Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel
2. paperbacks or hardbacks?

i own more paperbacks than hardbacks, mainly because the publishing houses in my country (and in my favourite genre) publish more paperbacks than hardbacks, but i don´t mind and both are great :)

paperback book, self publishing, and book design image books image
3. audiobooks?

i am not sure about this. i don´t think i would be able to fully concentrate on the book only, but i haven´t heard any audiobook yet, so i can´t say much about this.

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4. online or in-store shopping?

i mainly shop for books online, but sometimes, when i go to the city, i visit the store of the bookshop and sometimes i buy books there.

Image by purpleignis book, library, and bookstore image
5. libraries or bookstores?

i used to visit library in our town almost religiously when i was younger, but then i became busier and didn´t have time for that, so i started buying books more. it is more comfortable and easier, and i love that.

book, girl, and aesthetic image book, harry potter, and library image
6. borrow or buy?

i don´t borrow books from people and i could never probably lend someone my book, only if i made sure they will return the book in a good state, in the state i lent the book to them. i prefer buying over borrowing.

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7. used books?

i wish there was some cheaper way to get used books. usually when i want to buy a book from the foreign store, the price of the shipping is bigger than the price of the book alone, and that´s sad. i don´t mind buying used books, though. i think it´s great, that someone else before had the book and it was somewhere and had a life before. it´s amazing.

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8. trilogies or series?

i don´t mind any of them, as long as the series have something to offer, there could be twenty books in the series and i wouldn´t care and real all of it.

pretty girl, charli d'amelio, and psd image Image removed
9. series or standalones?

both! i think both deserve love and sometimes the series feel fake and unnecessarily long after two or three books and i don´t like that. sometimes the series could be easily fit into one book or two and it´d be better than just to artificially extend the plot.

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10. long or short books?

i think if the book is interesting and catchy since the beginning, then six hundred pages is easy to read. however, if it´s boring, it would be a bit harder to read through. it depends on if the book is good or not.

book, coffee, and tea image Image by 𝐺𝑖𝑢𝑙𝑖𝑎𝑛𝑎 𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞
11. heroes or villains?

i have no idea. it varies. sometimes i root for the heroes, sometimes i like the villains, it depends on the characters.

Image removed Image by Private User
12. characters or plot?

what a difficult question! i think characters usually help the plot, like, i often hear people continued in the book, although it sucked, because they loved a certain character and they wanted to know what happens to the person, and sometimes i notice that the book i read focuses on more the characters and their development than the plot, and that is amazing.

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13. top three genres?

young adult, fantasy and non-fiction, even though i haven´t read many of non-fiction books.

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14. our world or fictional?

both. schools and beaches and restaurants? you got me. kingdoms, valleys, oceans? you got me too. i think both are equally amazing and deserve love.

Image by lindsey Image removed
15. high fantasy or urban fantasy?

i think urban fantasy is closer to what i read and like, but i am open to high fantasy too.

Image removed Image by daddystiltskin
16. dystopia or sci-fi?

dystopia! i love that genre since i read divergent and hunger games and i think this kind of books has so much to offer and so much to love about, it deserves much more attention.

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17. book you want everyone to read?

definitely red, white and royal blue by casey mcquiston (that´s such a perfect book!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!) and six of crows by leigh bardugo. if you don´t love the characters (especially inej or nina or jesper) we can´t be friends.

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18. recommend an underrated author?

i think alice oseman´s books are underrated, because she made the cutest comic ever called heartstopper and her other books are amazing too. i think she deserves much more recognition.

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19. last book you read?

it was red scrolls of magic by cassandra clare and wesley chu and it was amazing. alec lightwood and magnus bane are the cutest!!!!!!!!

magnus, alec, and cassandra clare image alexander, otp, and alec image
the first pic is mine, it´s the slovak version of the book :)
20. what are you reading right now?

i am reading renegades by marissa meyer and circe by madeline miller.

books, renegades, and marissa meyer image book, bookworm, and reader image
21. worst book you´ve ever read?

paper princess by erin watt (too much smut and too little plot) and infinity son by adam silvera (massive disappointment, had big potential, but the characters were annoying, stupid and irritating). both have sequels and i am not interested in buying them.

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22. what books do you want to read?

i plan to read the books by holly black, then i´d like to read the lunar chronicles by marissa meyer and i would also like to read the books by sarah j. maas.

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23. favourite authors?

cassandra clare, rainbow rowell and recently, leigh bardugo.

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24. favourite books?

red, white and royal blue ; blue lily, lily blue ; carry on.

25. where do you like to read?

i like reading on the sofa and in my bed.

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26. do you use a bookmark?

yes! i have plenty of those in different shapes and colours and they´re literally the cutest.

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and that´s it!

thank you so much for reading, i hope you enjoyed this article. and, if you´re interested in what i read and what i like, you can visit my bookstagram, where i post book reviews and updates. thank you!


have a wonderful day and see you soon!

mishie <3