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Today's article resume in one sentence : dating myself aka basically how I spend my free-times as a happy single person lol.

The idea of self-dating popped up in my mind when I realized I was preventing myself to go to restaurants or cafe I'd really love (big fan of eating in fancy and good restaurants, big problem for my wallet haha) just because I had no one to go with... I was afraid of people's eyes on my "loneliness" lmao. But why the fuck would I deprive myself ? It took me some time and experiences to realize that :

  • couple does not necessary equal happiness
  • being single means as much opportunities and enjoyable times as being in a relationship does
  • there is a lot of people doing their things on their own and it's super duper cool
  • eventually to be happy in couple you need first to be happy with yourself

So here I am, sharing with you guys some of my favorites self-dates ideas, to remember or even learn you're enough. You can make yourself happy, you can succeed on your own, you are your safe place.

Go to your favorite restaurant

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get dressed all on-fleek just for the occasion, or alternatively stay in pajamas and get delivered!

Offers you fine wine

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fine wine, quality time.

Home-spa time

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candles, oils, face and hair masks, flowers, stones, bath rituals, hot shower and co.


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ur ass + a good movie + maybe snacks is always a good recipe, easy and effective to disconnect.

Visit a museum

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Walk the streets

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I think it's really pleasant to just walk around, letting my feet take me where they wanna go and getting a bit lost in my own city. It's important about me to remember you can travel even in your own city/town, that you could be surprised at every street corner. It's kind of a way to be grateful for what surronds you, and learn how to enjoy the little things.

Picnic and chill

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Thrift shopping

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(or shopping) it's something I really enjoy and it's perfect to do alone ! You can take your time, go to different stores, try on new style, etc.

Get lost in a library

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one of the most peaceful and noble place on Earth, it's releasing.

Chill in your favorite cafe

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love to do so to read, work or write on my journal/ computer.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this article. Let me know.

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