songs made by weebs for weebs that you can play in front of your normie friends.

Sailor moon by lilbootycall

sailor moon, anime, and usagi image sailor moon, anime, and sleep image
"you my lil' sailor moon, come and visit me"

GOKU by Jaden

aesthetic, dragon ball, and icon image bulma, ドラゴンボール z ゼット, and dragon ball image
"ballin' i feel like i'm goku"

ICHIBAN by kazuo

aesthetic, anime, and manga image aesthetic, pink, and sneakers image
"you cannot fuck with my strength"

Bakugo by kamil

aesthetic, beautiful, and icon image aesthetic, alternative, and gif image
"like i'm bakugo, turn they soul to fuckin ' smoke"

Cherry soda by D-Real

anime, rem, and tv image icons, re zero, and psd image
"you the rem from re zero right at my feet"

JoJo Pose by Apollo Fresh

Image removed aesthetic, edit, and jojo image
"bring the beat like giorno"

Just Bought a Dragon Maid Straight Cash by Shiki-TMNS

aesthetic, kanna, and cute image anime, dragon, and kanna kamui image
"maids are stupid in love with me screaming out baka"

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