The cottagecore aesthetic is everything so here's a detaled articles about it...
Enjoy !!

The bases

Other names :

farmcore, countrycore

Key motifs :

flowers, house, and pink image cat, animal, and cow image flowers, aesthetic, and cottage image food, cake, and sweet image
cottages, farm animals, wildflowers, pies...

Key colors :

nature, green, and forest image cow, animal, and nature image aesthetic and cottagecore image aesthetic, cottage, and food image
green, brown, yellow, cream/off-white

Related aesthetics :

Mori Kei

Related movies / tv shows :
(These are my favorites, but I've added some more at the end of the article)

pride and prejudice and elizabeth bennet image
Pride and prejudice
the sound of music image
The sound of Music
laurie, little women, and timothee chalamet image
Little Women
Temporarily removed
Picnicat Hanging Rock
anime, green, and kikis delivery service image
Kikis Delivery Service
Temporarily removed
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
children and The Secret Garden image
The secret Garden
anne with an e, anne shirley, and book image
Anne with an e
lily james, movie, and guernsey image
The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society
call me by your name, quotes, and movie image
Call Me By Your Name


Many Cottagecore outfits are impractical for the farming and gardening work that the aesthetic revolves around

Cottagecore fashion commonly involves :

flowers, aesthetic, and pretty image Temporarily removed butterfly image Temporarily removed aesthetic, flowers, and pink image Image by - อ€ฬ— Anja อฬ–- aesthetic and nature image lolita image
Long, flowy dresses - faded colours including baby pink, olive green, ivory, beige, liht yellow... - handcrafted accessories including simple jewellry, knitted hats...

Cottagecore stores :

The Cottagecore
Cottagecore Retreat


fairy, cottagecore, and nature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
flowers, nature, and fairy image nature, aesthetic, and flowers image
Gardens of any kind
goats, cute, and cottagecore image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Farm, forrest and domesticated animals
flowers, envelope, and Letter image aesthetic, cottagecore, and nature image
Handwritten letters and tea sets
Cookies and food image cooking, pie, and cottagecore image
Baking simple/rustic recipes includng bread, muffins, pies...
strawberry, berries, and fairy image Image by elle
Cross stitch and embroidery
green, aesthetic, and nature image flowers, garden, and nature image aesthetic and nature image aesthetic, flowers, and nature image
Open fields, flower farms, sunlight through any type of forest/plants


Singers / bands

Bon Iver, Cavetown, chloe moriondo, Conan Grey, Cosmo Sheldrae, Dodie, Dr. Dog, The Beatles, Fleet Foxes, Florence and the Machines, Sufjan Stevens, In Love With aa Ghost, Gregory Alan Isakov

Spotify playlists

green witch & cottagecore by Zaide
Cottagecore TikTok Songs by Carolina Batista
Cottagecore Vibes by pip
Rainbow Cottage by Angelita
im closing my eyes and drifting away from this by roza.dobrysiak


flowers, cow, and animal image cottagecore, aesthetic, and nature image window, soft, and cottagecore image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image Image removed art and painting image cottagecore, aesthetic, and babycore image aesthetic, baking, and chocolate image

Other movies, tv shows :

Matilda, The Secret of Moonacre, Atonement, Life is Beautiful, Howard's End, Barbie and the Diamond Castle, Tuck Everlasting, Moonrise Kingdom, My Girl...

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Hope you liked it

I will do another one about the Dark Academia aesthetic ;)