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favorite character

This is an easy one. Daria. She's witty and sarcastic. She's one of the most relatable characters I've ever seen. I love her very much. Jane is a close second.

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Favorite relationship

This is a bit random, but I love the show Switched at Birth. I've watched it about a billion times. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend. My favorite couple is Bay and Emmett. They just had this beautiful bond together. Even with the language barrier they made it work.

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A character I would like to play

This was a hard one, but i'd love to play Casey from Atypical. She's such a badass. Plus I just love the show in general.

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A character I should hate but love

Any american horror story villain. Specifically Tate Langdon though. He is just too cute. Sorry??

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A crush from a series

Hard one because I fall for anyone remotely attractive from any show. If I have to pick a favorite I think the obvious choice would be Jess from Gilmore Girls. He's a bad boy, but he's also much more than that. I also just dig guys who read.

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Show I fell in love with

It's a show called Wayne that i'm pretty sure is a Youtube premium show. I watched it somewhere else, but it's great. It's the perfect mix of edgy, comedy, romance, and violence. It reminds me a little of The end of the f***** world. Highly recommend.

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Most disappointing cancellation

By far the most dissapointing cancellation has been Anne with an E. It felt like my heart broke in pieces. I was so upset. I still can't get over it. This show is maybe one of the only times i'll say that it was better than the books. RIP.

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Show I didn't think i'd like, but ended up liking.

A long time ago I stumbled upon Psych. I genuinly didn't think I would like it. Boy was I surprised when it became one of my favorite shows of all time.

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First TV show I ever watched

I couldn't remember if I tried, but the closest is probably either George Lopez or The Nanny both prime TV. Very important to my childhood. I'd watch them on tv when I didn't want to go to bed.

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An aesthetic TV show

I love My so called life starring Claire Danes. It has a this great 90s grunge aesthetic that plays really well with the concept of the show. They don't make em like this anymore.

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A show I abandoned after many seasons

I abandoned Supernatural after a few seasons. I loved the show. I'm not quite sure why I stopped watching, but I did.

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Show I watched many times

Another random one, but I love Girl Meets World ,and have watched it many times. I watched it before watching Boy meets world and truly love them both the same. I really enjoy the concept of the shows. It's about life and the lessons it will teach us.

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That's it. In summary I have random taste in TV shows, but that's ok. Have a nice day :)
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