I've seen this tag go around a bit and thought why not?
Here is the original :

Which greek god is your favourite?

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Dionysus. Unproblematic weirdo, just wants to party and go into trance.

Which greek goddess is your favourite?

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I can't choose between the olympians, so I'd say Hecate. She's my favourite outsider.

Which greek monster is your favourite?

I'm sorry, but this answer is gonna be long. I couldn't choose between those three :

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Empusas. I just learned about them actually and I think they're great. We love an ancient greek vampire.

If you could take any god(dess)'s power, whose would it be?

I couldn't choose between those two:

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Hermes' ability to accompany the dead to the Underworld. I like the idea of being able to comfort them in this moment.

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Apollo's capacity to inspire artists, through his Muses. I'd love to be a Muse.

Aphrodite or Athena?

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I love Aphrodite, but I'll have to choose Athena. Brainy is the new sexy.

Hercules or Perseus?

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Neither? I don't know, I've never been fond of either of them.

Zeus or Poseidon?

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Despite the fact he was a dick to my boy Odysseus, I choose Poseidon. Zeus is too much of a frat boy.

Hades or Demeter?

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I would usually pick Hades because he feels like an underdog. But if he is put against the mother of the goddess he kidnapped, I'll always pick Demeter.

Hephaestus or Ares?

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I feel bad for Hephaestus. He's a talented blacksmith who just hasn't had any luck in his life. Also I don't like Ares' toxic masculinity.

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Apollo or Artemis?

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Artemis, protector of women. Although I do like Apollo as well.

What would you be the goddess/deity of?

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Curiousity and Peace

What would be your patron animal?

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Foxes and Cats

What city would you be the patron of?

architecture and paris image montmartre, painting, and dali image


What would be your symbol?

Image by Alanoud cherry, fruit, and food image Image removed fire, fantasy, and night image

Cherries, a Book and a Torch

book, calm, and forest image fire, dark, and photography image


That's all! have a great day!