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Moving our attention on today's article...Well, during the quarantine I had a lot of free time, and I decided to watch some famous movies and series that I'd never watched before, including all the marvel films. I probably saw the incredible hulk and the old spider-man movies when I was a child, but I'd never watched the complete infinity series. What can I say...It was the best choice that I could ever make, I literally fell in love with the marvel films. This was around march or april, and since then I've been also watching agents of shield, just because i didn't want to leave the marvel world...but that's another history. Coming back to the real topic: some months ago, after these events, i received a lot of questions on my tellonym acc, regarding my marvel preferences. Now I'm gonna quite take inspiration from there, and I'm going to do a marvel tag.
Let's begin!

1-favourite marvel film?

Avengers, Marvel, and endgame image Avengers, iron man, and captain america image
avengers: endgame and captain america: civil war.
black panther, Marvel, and michael b. jordan image
bonus: black panther

2-favourite trilogy?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Avengers, iron man, and robert downey jr image
the iron man one.

3-favourite male character?

iron man, Marvel, and robert downey jr image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
tony stark-iron man.

4-favourite female character?

black widow, film, and Marvel image Scarlett Johansson, natasha romanoff, and black widow image
natasha romanoff-black widow.

5-team iron man or team cap?

black panther, vision, and black widow image
quite iron man.

6-favourite villain?

black panther, Marvel, and michael b. jordan image aesthetic, amazing, and beautiful image
killmonger (oops) and thanos. Yeah, thanos "killed" my two favourite characters, but no one can deny that he was a good villain. He was really really well structured.

7-an underrated character?

Avengers, bruce banner, and gif image Avengers, clint barton, and gif image
bruce banner-hulk and clint barton-hawkeye

8-an overrated character?

gif image
unpopular opinion: loki is really overrated. Yeah, he's a good character and I love him too, but...I can't understand why EVERYONE is so obsessed with him!

9-avengers, revengers or guardians?

Marvel, Avengers, and Hulk image Avengers, iron man, and thor image
A-V-E-N-G-E-R-S. But I like the guardians too...and also the revengers :')

10-favourite guardian?

gif, guardians of the galaxy, and guardiões da galáxia image gif, guardians of the galaxy, and guardiões da galáxia image
groot and rocket!!!

11-favourite couple?

iron man, Marvel, and Relationship image iron man, movie, and Marvel image

12-favourite duo?

hawkeye, black widow, and Scarlett Johansson image Image by theo | ୭*。 Marvel, thor, and loki image Avengers, iron man, and Marvel image captain america, steve rogers, and bucky barnes image rocket, rockera, and groot image
clint and natasha, tony and peter, thor and loki, tony and dr.strange, steve and bucky, rocket and groot...and many others.


That's the end! Bye bye!
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