These are characters i dislike, but these are my opinions so if you disagree don't attack me. I find these characters really annoying although some of them may have character development.

1. Grace Shelby

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Peaky blinders

In the first season I was okay with her character but when she came back in season 2 she was married to someone else but she still love tommy so she cheated on her husband by saying to tommy that she couldn't get pregnant but turns out she can and she's pregnant so it kinda forces tommy to marry her. From there i just couldn't stand her and i couldn't be happier when she died.

2. Elena Gilbert

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The vampire diaries

She's boring and useless, she's such a crybaby and cry over everything. I can't say much about her because i don't even pay attention to her (since they're trying to make her the center of attention all the time).

3. Luther Hargreeves

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The umbrella academy

'dAD sEnT mE tO tHE mOoN' like we're all tired of hearing that shit. He whines about it all the time and his character don't really do much he's just really boring. He wanted to be the leader so bad but he's really bad at making decisions. For example when he decides to lock Vanya up when everybody is telling him not to, he's saying he did it to protect Allison but Allison herself told him not to and it ends up badly.

4. Dean Forester

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Gilmore girls

At first i like him because he's played by Jared, but as the show go on i hate him so much. He's possesive and he humiliates Rory by breaking up with her in public TWICE. Their relationship was never healthy. The first time they broke up it was because Rory couldn't say I love you back, he could've wait till she was ready but he go off like that and it was really annoying.

5. Sarah Cameron

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Outer banks

Her character is okay i don't hate her but i don't like her either. She has cheated on her past boyfriends as Wheezie said. Sarah cheated on Topper with John B after spending one day with him. Topper doesn't deserve her but she could at least break up with him first. And the fact that she's so ready to risk everything for him after less than a week really bothers me. It was too much and too fast. Also, i feel like her only personality is John B.

6. Tokyo

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Money heist

She's so selfish and she makes decisions without thinking the consequences, she risks the team so many times just because she wanted to. She never thinks about others and i really hate her. I can't stand her since she played russian roulette it was the stupidest thing ever.

7. Serena van der Woodsen

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Gossip girl

She always gets what she wants without working for it. And she's not really that good of a friend to Blair but i can't say much about her because i haven't finish gossip girl.

8. Rory Gilmore

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Gilmore girls

There's so many things i hate about her. First, she cheated ON Dean with Jess. Second, she cheated WITH Dean when he's married. Third, she cheated ON Logan with Jess. Fourth, she cheated WITH Logan when he's engaged. She cheated on guys so many times. She's a homewrecker. She's a bad daughter to Lorelai and a bad friend to Lane.

9. Ross Geller

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Honestly, i think Ross and Dean is kind of the same person. They're both possesive and very controlling. I personally thinks Rachel deserve better. I also feel bad for Monica because she's treated differently by her parents, its not fully Ross's fault but he could at least say or do something about it, its like he enjoyed the privilege.

10. Carol Baker

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Spinning out

I'm not going to say much about her because i can't blame her for all the bad things she did because she's bipolar. But the fact that she didn't even try to get better for her daughters is bothering me so much. Her daughters, Kat and Serena, aren't good people either but she could've set a better example for them.