hey guys, i hope you're doing well. im supper excited because tomorrow my friends will come home to celebrate my birthday a bit sooner but idc. but for the now, i have to tell a story that will explain the tittle of the article. it happened yesterday but i was too tired to write an article.

yesterday, it was maybe 9:30pm, i was in my room chilling on my phone listening to Tinashe's last album Songs For You. When the song So Much Better came up, i decided to screenshot the music player and post it in my Instagram story.

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Once the story posted, I read some DMs and went to my feed. And I saw my old "friend"'s post. There were three slides. It's three pics of her and her new boyfriend. They're kissing on the last pic.

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This third picture disgusted me. Not because two people kissing disgusts me but her kissing her boyfriend disgusts me.

Here's the explanation: she started to date my friend my october but they broke up in march, they stayed about 5 months together. My friend explained to me that she didn't like that much physical contact, that would explain why she never wanted to kiss him on the mouth. I can understand that some people aren't touchy-feely. My friend understood it and tried to accept it. But one day he had enough, she didn't make efforts. It was during holidays and he couldn't handle it anymore so he sent her a long vocal message to tell her. She responded "ok". Like just an 𝘖 and a 𝘒, that's it. He was in love with her but I don't think she felt the same. She left him with a broken heart.

About a month ago, she started dating another guy. I thought it will be the same as how it was with my friend but apparently no.

She's a liar. She said she's not touchy-feely and after one month with her new boyfriend, she put on instagram pictures of them kissing. There's a problem. She put these pictures on her public account so her ex can see. Plus, when my friend told her spontaneously "I love you" she said "Me too" but never did the same.

I said liar but I think some nasty words would be better.

Don't hate me for what I said, I know it's not good to be like that but I feel like I'm a bitch sometimes.


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