hi, im back with the day 24 of the writing challenge

day 24: make a list of things you always postpone

Image removed study, decoration, and desk image college, lettering, and notes image school and study image
now im vacation so i don't have to study but i know when ill be back to school i will postpone studying.
tidying my room
accessories, aesthetic, and beautiful image clean, room, and spectacular image bed, bedroom, and deco image decor, desk, and house image
i always say: "i will do it in a hour, i will do it this afternoon, i will do it tomorrow". finally i do it after but it'd be better if i do it right now.
finish to watch some movies / series
friends, rachel green, and phoebe image actresses, hustlers, and Jennifer Lopez image do, red, and tv image blue, home, and tv image
often, when i decide to watch a movie or a serie on my phone the wifi broke so im obliged to finish later but sometimes i finish it few weeks after
thanks for reading, see you tomorrow for the 25th day!
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love, @07_28