❤Hello, everyone. I hope you're all safe and doing well❤

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Understatement of all time: 2020 has been a tough year.

Real life delivers hits from the blindside, and the news sounds like the rough draft of a badly written dystopian novel. It's hard to find any peace.

I've largely avoided social media in the past. From what I've seen, things get very ugly, very fast. But one of my great escapes is drawing (just for fun, nowhere near pro level).

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Not my art, though I kind of wish it was. These are gorgeous. I'm not brave enough to post my own drawings yet.

I noticed that whenever I would Google reference images to practice sketching, many of them would lead back here. I debated between starting a WeHeartIt account or one on Pinterest.

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WHI seemed warmer, somehow. Cozy, like a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket after a bad day.

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What began as a way to simply gather art reference turned into a refuge.
It's nice to dedicate a little time to finding things for my canvas and collections. Reminds me of doing magazine collages, without papercuts!

Maybe someday I'll give Pinterest and other social media a try. For now, I've been able to make a small haven for myself here, filled with all the silly things I enjoy.

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Outer space, anime, monster movies, and most things 90's, to name a few. No single theme, just things I love.

It's a bit of peace in the chaos, and for that, I am glad. I'll also say thank you to everyone who has followed me. I didn't expect even ten people to follow when I started; I am grateful.

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We Heart It isn't perfect. As in all things, there's room for improvement.
That being said, I appreciate having a place in the great open space of the internet that feels like home.

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I'm not sure what compelled me to write this. I suppose it's more of a journal entry than an article. I just thought I'd share my story of how I found my way here.

❤Thank you for reading. Stay well, and I'll see you later❤