I can't think of a better way to come back writing articles here than by celebrating 10 years of One Direction! When I saw this tag from @femaale I HAD to do it.

โœงย When did you join the fandom?

one direction, liam payne, and zayn malik image this is us, one direction, and this is us one direction image
August 2013 because my friends wanted me to go see โ€œThis Is Usโ€ together.

โœง Favorite member

niall horan, one direction, and photoshoot image 1d, niall, and niall horan image

โœง First song you heard

one direction, Harry Styles, and zayn malik image one direction, Harry Styles, and zayn malik image
What Makes You Beautiful

โœง Favorite song

one direction image 1d and one direction image

โœง Favorite Era

Image by Nicolly Ferrari liam payne, louis tomlinson, and niall horan image
Midnight Memories

โœง Have you ever been to one of their concerts?

one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image one direction, liam payne, and zayn malik image
Only in my dreams :โ€™(

โœง Favorite cover

one direction, Forever Young, and niall horan image Image by Private User
Forever Young

โœง Do you own any merch?

louis, 1d, and niall image Image removed
The โ€œOur Momentโ€œ perfume, all of their albums, lots of books, a t-shirt that I made and I used to have a LOT of postersโ€ฆ

โœง Favorite bromance

Harry Styles, niall horan, and one direction image Image by JCP
Definitely Narry!

โœง Underrated songs

babies, gif, and larry stylinson image babies, gif, and larry stylinson image
Last First Kiss, They Donโ€™t Know About Us, Little White Lies, Change Your Ticket, Love You Goodbye.

โœง Favorite album

Image removed Image removed

โœง Favorite Up All Night Song

Image by Mara couple, one direction, and I WISH image
I Wish

โœง Favorite Take Me Home Song

one direction, take me home, and music image one direction, Lyrics, and over again image
Over Again

โœง Favorite Midnight Memories Song

quotes, one direction, and music image Barcelona, moments, and wwat image
Right Now

โœง Favorite FOUR Song

fireproof, one direction, and fire image fan, tattoo, and fangirl image
It was hard choose just one of the song but then I went for Fireproof which is also my fav song ever.

โœง Favorite Made In The A.M. Song

i, want, and write image i, pack, and track image
I Want to Write You a Song

โœง Favorite music video

one direction, night changes, and Lyrics image Image by Private User
Night Changes

โœง If you had the chance to go to one of the boys' solo concerts, which concert would you attend?

niall horan image niall horan and one direction image

โœง Favorite Harry solo song

frases, louis tomlinson, and hs1 image Harry Styles, one direction, and boy image
Sweet Creature

โœง Favorite Niall solo song

boston, concert, and stage image concert, horan, and niall image

โœง Favorite Liam solo song

aesthetic, girl, and naked image fluff, singer, and bedroom floor image
Bedroom Floor

โœง Favorite Louis solo song

Image removed art, tatto, and just hold on image
Just Hold On

โœง Favorite Zayn solo song

zayn malik, zayn, and one direction image zayn and fool for you image
fOoL fOr YoU

Stay safe!

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