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Today we’re going to talk about the third part of this mini-series called the Daily Witchy Series about rituals witches can do while at work or at school. Don’t forget to check the other parts and give hearts and even follow if you liked it. If you have difficulties understanding some words here, you can check my Witchy Dictionary article in the link down below. Let’s start!

Daily Witchy Series Collection

Before Breakfast

Getting Ready for Work / School

Going to Work / Class

  • Listen to a podcast in the bus or while driving / read: being a Witch is also being one who masters their knowledge about Witchcraft, their craft and magic. Constant learning is, therefore, a big time passing activity for us. While taking the public transportation, do not hesitate to read about magic, watch Youtube videos about it or to listen to podcasts. Podcasts are also great if you drive and can be found for free on Spotify.
  • Meditate: if you take public transportation, you can also meditate on your way to school or work! This is a great way to calm down and prepare yourself for the upcoming daily activities and to face the stress you’ll have to face. DO NOT DO THAT WHILE DRIVING IT’S VERY DANGEROUS! I suggest you try the app “Stop, Breathe & Think” which had great guided meditations.
  • Manifest for your day to come: as I already said, manifestation is very important! Don’t hesitate to ask the world for strength to stand up to your colleagues or for creativity that will impress your boss!


  • Meditate: balance your mind and body and be ready for any surprise life can offer you during the rest of the day.
  • Balance your chakras: this is my personal advice. Balancing your chakras has some similar effects with meditation but will operate on a wider range. But do not forget this is not a substitute for meditation.
  • Do breathing exercises: this is shorter than meditation and it does not only calm you down but grounds you and put you in a state of consciousness. The application “#SelfCare” has a great option for that!
  • Cleanse your aura with visualization: the energies around you are stuck in your aura, and negative energies attract negative energies – just like negative thoughts. Cleaning your aura will release them and you from these energies.
  • Choose your food for manifesting: you can check the specific properties of each vegetable, herb or condiment or just continue to follow the Color Magic system you can find here:
  • Eat in whole consciousness: while eating, be conscious of the properties of what you’re eating that you want. You can also recite mantras in your mind such as “I eat … and it makes me …”.
  • Drink moon water or crystal infused water: this will strengthen your magic and give you the properties of the crystal / moon phase.
  • Drink tea according to your intent: just as crystals and food, tea has properties so don’t hesitate to use it at your advantage!

Going back home

  • Same as for going to work or class

After-Work / After-School Free Time

Before the Night

More Rituals for Connected Witches

I know I mentioned many things you may not know about here. If there is anything you are curious about or if you have questions, message me in here or on my Instagram (Persogram in my linktree in my WeHeartIt bio) and I’ll tell you about it and make the article about the subject you asked next. I plan to make articles about everything I mentioned so don’t worry it’ll come anyway!

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