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Friday, 24th July 2020

1. You are self aware

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If you often reflect on yourself and wonder if you are a good friend, it is most likely you are. Self reflecting makes you aware of your strengths, your weaknesses and what you need to focus on, not only for improving the friendship but for improving your own self.

2. You practise forgiveness

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A friendship shouldn't be a one-way street, rather effort that comes from both sides. Holding grudges against your friend can be threatening for your relationship. When your friend acts weird it is better not to blame them but rather ask them what has happened, encourage them to be honest and try to get in their shoes to help them face their problem. Sometimes some people are worth second chances.

3. You are a good listener

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It is important your friend can count on you when they have a problem or they just have a bad day. Don't worry about giving them wise information, you just have to listen and respond with questions that show affection towards them.

4. You display commitment to your friendship

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When you are committed to a relationship, you put in effort, time and love and not only when it is convenient for you. It may not be always visible, but your friend will know it is always there.

5. You are honest

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Honesty will allow you to show your true colors, be vulnerable and transparent, which may sound scary at first, but on the long run it will affect how your friend views you.

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