Okay lets face it I don’t know about you but ive been in a slump lately sleeping in till 11:40 to 2/3 pm at times, and I don’t feel to good about it so I read this article so I thought id write this one in hope itll help others to so that’s the purpose of this article is to hopeful motivate me and maybe you to a kick start to start living healthy and have an active life baby.
From the beginning of the quarantine, I was so happy. Umm sleep ins and watching Disney moves in my pjs, I felt energized I started making plans I went out the back and played with the dog I even started a new hobby, I was happy. And now? I'm feeling down again.


• wake up at 6:30 AM but ill be happy if I wake up at 9 AM yes, I know its late but I don’t think I can go from the time I was sleeping to 6:30 right off the back.

• write your thoughts to your journal, focus on the now what’s on my mind? What makes me happy? What am I going to do today that I can’t wait to accomplish?

• brush teeth and wash face I always make sure to do my skincare day and night.

• fill a bottle with fresh water, I’ve read and seen by my fav youtubers that drinking a bottle of water soon as you wake up before you have anything else is very beneficial.

• grab journal, pen, headphones, phone, mat and go outside, nothing beats fresh air but when its winter I’m sorry I’m grabbing a blanket and sitting by the heater.

• meditate and do yoga a new hobby I’ve started I’m not the best but it makes me feel good.

• make a list and set intentions for the day

• make yourself nutritious breakfast

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• lots of fruit and veggies

• lots of water

• more mushrooms, oats etc

• whatever diet you pick is up to you but do your research

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• at least 15 minutes daily

• bike if possible I’m learning to ride a dirt bike soon so that counts right hehe

• yoga & stretching daily

• strength workout at least 4 times a week (maximum 45 minutes)

• booty growth, abs and toned arms

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• meditate twice a day I do 1 day when I wake up and one at night before bed.

• learn about chakras

• journal

• read

• create

• plan

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• healthy and glowing skin (I’ve linked my article if you want to learn more)

• healthy and shiny hair (I’ve linked my article if you want to learn more)

• body moisturizing

• manicure and pedicure

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• try to spend at least 30 minutes of a day outside even if it's not sunny vitamer d

• take walks and take in how beautiful our nature is

• meditate and practice yoga in the garden believe me its very affective

• breathe fresh air

• tan your beautiful skin but not to long or to much

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well, you know how you want it, your beautiful ether way remember that you don’t need to change but if you want to enhance you fetchers then go for it I want to get healthy on the inside but I also want to tone my body up and get tan cause I’m whiter then the wall.

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if you use theses let me know id love to here from you SAMMYXO