hey guys, uhhh i really like music and its a main part of keeping me saneeeee lol, but if u guys wanna check out my music here is my spotify, and if this gets a decent amount of likes ill post my soundcloud playlists lol.

ill post some of my favorite playlists too and describe them :0
^^^ this is my acc!!!^^^
if u see it. ignore it. if ykyk. LOLOL

now its time for my playlists...


first i have this playlist that is like vibey, sad, happy, and just overall chill songs. this has a lot of cuco type of stuff lol.


these are my luv songs... i add songs on here every so often



this is very screamo and like mad/sad music, also catogorized under "emo rap" lololol but yeah this is my personal favvvvv.

last one im going to list is this


this is another personal fav, it is inspired by effy. effy went through a lot of stuff in skins and yea this playlist is inspired by her pain and just her.