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Today, is the 10th aniversary of One Direction, they were my favorite boy band . I was so obsessed with them and for that I bring this little aesthetic for their albums.

Here I have ther albums aesthetics you can check.

Let's do this...

boys, british band, and gif image

U P A L L N I G H T (2011)

london, bus, and vintage image beach, friends, and summer image couple, feet, and vintage image bird, pigeon, and photography image guitar, nature, and travel image friends, fire, and hipster image

T A K E M E H O M E (2012)

couple and photography image city, vintage, and indie image lake and friends image quotes, story, and write image aesthetic, europe, and london image coffee, friends, and autumn image

M I D N I G H T M E M O R I E S (2013)

airport and travel image alternative, drinks, and girls image colors, den haag, and graffiti image party, drink, and alcohol image grunge, pale, and boy image backstage and text image

F O U R (2014)

music, bass, and room image bed, comforter, and fujifilm image beach, summer, and palms image aesthetic, heart, and text image boys, food, and indie image sky, travel, and traveling image

M A D E I N T H E A . M . (2015)

Image by Private User aesthetic and city image quotes, history, and aesthetic image letters, vintage, and photography image door, light, and indie image band image

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