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- Why did you called me Scorpius? Why? Why after all this years? Why did you have to call when we, we decided not to contact the other unless…?

- Unless everything has worked out well at the end for both of us

Rose nodded.

-It worked out for me – he said - I spent these years with my sick father taking charge of his business. I always thought of you, of coming back to you. And now I no longer have my father, there is nothing that prevents us from being together as we always wanted. I... have had no one. It has always been you, no one else.

-But I have someone – she was almost crying now – And he is one of the best men I’ve ever met. He cares about me and he understands me…

“And he put together the pieces of the broken heart you left behind” she thought but did not dare to say it.

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So this is a story I wrote a while ago. It's a one shoot and if you want to keep reading, you can do it here: