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| A |

Agrimonyancient herb of healing, restoration, and benevolent protection
Alfalfagood fortune, money magick, healing and cleansing infusions
Angelica ["Alexander's Archangel"]warding and banishing, angelic magick, summoning strength
Astragalus ["Milk Vetch"] - vital energy, protection, promoting health, mental clarity, concentration
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| B |

Basil ["St. Josephwort"]blessings, love, money, happiness, good luck, harmony, passion, peace, prosperity, psychic protection, purification, strength, success, tranquility, clairvoyance, courage, honesty, spell-breaking
Bay Leaf ["Bay Laurel"]wisdom, strength, visions, clairvoyance, dreams, love, purification, wishes, good luck, harmony, inspiration, justice, knowledge, money, release, spell-breaking, success, tranquility, transformation
Bearberry ["Foxberry", Crowberry"]psychic awareness, dreams, courage
Birch Barknew beginnings, psychic protection, strength, devotion
Black Mustard Seedsconfusion, protection, ward against unwanted people, go away
Black Peppercursing, passion, protection, commanding, sensuality, spell-breaking, stops envy
Blessed Thistleconsecration, protection, healing and cleansing by fire
Burdock Rootwarding, cleansing, uncrossing and counter-magick
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| C |

Calendula ["Scotch Marigold"]solar rites, divination, remembrance, honouring the dead
Caraway ["Meridian Fennel"]fidelity, love, memory, passion, preventing theft, protection, retention, sensuality, consecration, fertility, gain, honesty, keeping secrets, peace of mind, weddings
Catnip ["Catmint"]love-drawing, relaxation, trance work, feline magick
Cedarancient wisdom, protection, maturity, strength and power
Celery Seedpsychic development, beauty, divination, fertility, love, passion
Cinnamonpassion, shielding, good luck, love, prosperity, protection, success, communication, happiness, healing, inspiration, knowledge, purification, wisdom, spirit evocation, fire magick
Cinquefoil ["Strawberry Weed"]for the five blessings: health, money, love, power, and wisdom
Coltsfootdivination, visions, love magick, healing from within
Comfrey ["Blackwort"]healing, restoration, lucky herb of travelers and gamblers
Coriander/Cilantroclairvoyance, divination, fertility, health, keeping secrets, protection, retention
Clary Sagecleansing, meditation, healing, longevity, passion, prosperity, wisdom, business, clairvoyance, divination, energy, happiness, inspiration, keeping secrets, knowledge, love, tranquility
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| D |

Damiana ["Old Woman's Broom"]lust, sex magick, psychic abilities, energy work, spirit quests
Dandelion ["Priest's Crown"]wishes, divination, calling spirits, charisma and success
Devil's Claw - protection, banishing spells, keeping away evil, confounding enemies
Dillweed - luck, love, protection, psychic protection, blessings, confidence, determination, dreams, fertility, gain, keeping secrets, money, passion, peace, prevents theft, retention, rest, sleep, tranquility
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| E |

Elderberry ["Black Elder"]hidden wisdom, Crone magick, banishing
Eucalyptus ["Blue Gum"]cleansing, healing, ritual baths, rites of Mercury and Air
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| F |

Fennel Seed ["Florence Fennel"]psychic protection, counter-magick, confidence, adaptability, courage, fertility, longevity, love, purification, strength, commanding, consecration, divination, energy, Summer rituals
Feverfew ["Midsummer Daisy"]humble flower renowned for its curative properties, a magickal “fix-all”
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| G |

Galangal ["Chinese Ginger"]strength and power, victory, luck, hex-breaking
Garlicconfidence, courage, fertility, longevity, love, protection, psychic protection, purification, strength, commanding, consecration, divination, energy, gain, meditation, virility
Gingerfiery herb of passion, success, and personal power, love, passion, psychic protection, cursing, health, psychic development, sensuality, success
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| H |

Hawthorn Berryfidelity, shielding, clarity, ancestor magick
Hibiscuslove and passion, independence, confidence
Horehoundmental clarity, dispelling illusion, quick action, healing
Hyssoppurification, innocence, blessings, sacred baths and washes
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| I |

Irish Mossfinancial luck, folk remedies, safety during travel, sea magick
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| J |

Jasminelove, dreams, divination, sensuality, luxury and kindness
Juniper Berrygood luck, prosperity, masculine energy, protection at home
Juniper Leafpurification, protection, bringing luck, exposing truth
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| L |

Lavenderlove, purification, relaxation, clairvoyance, cleansing, happiness, healing, peace, protection, tranquility, blessings, divination, dreams, good luck, grieving, harmony, keeping secrets, meditation
Lemon Balm ["Bee Balm"]tranquility, attraction, fidelity, teamwork, harmonious home
Lemongrass ["Citronella"]unblocking, revealing, warding, luck bringing
Lemon Peelcleansing, purifying, boosting energy, sweetness and charm
Licorice Rootdomination, advantage over others, passion, power, persuasion
Lobeliaspirit communication, love and weather magick, trance, blessings and curses
Lovagelove, beauty, cleansing, consecration, money, passion, psychic protection, purification
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| M |

Mandrakelegendary magickal herb for love magick, protection, and curses
Marjoramprotection, married love, calming the mind, grieving, happiness, love, money, psychic development, psychic protection, tranquility, cleansing, courage, dreams, harmony, peace, success
Marshmallow Rootlove charms, psychic powers, protection, drawing good spirits
Meadowsweet ["Meadwort"]sacred flower of Spring, the Maiden, and the Underworld
Mistletoegood luck, love and money spells, many traditional charms
Mugwort ["St. John's Plant"]scrying, divination, psychic ability, lucid dreaming, Lunar magick
Mullein ["Jupiter's Staff"]protection, illumination, courage, hedge-crossing, Crone magick
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| N |

Nettlecourage, consecration, protection, healing, deterring evil
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| O |

Orange Peeluplifting and centering Solar herb of joy, blessings, and good luck
Oreganohappiness, tranquility, grieving, harmony, love, peace, protection, psychic development
Orris Root ["Queen Elizabeth Root"]charms of love, persuasion, popularity, charisma and success
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| P |

Parsleydivination, happiness, passion, protection, psychic development, purification, clairvoyance, cleansing, consecration, contacting other planes, fertility, good luck, meditation
Patchoulilove and sex magick, attraction, fertility, rites of Earth
Pennyroyal ["Lurk-In-The-Ditch"]calmness, endurance, patience, dispelling anger, warding
Peppermintcleansing, dreams, happiness, healing, love, passion, prosperity, protection, purification, release, renewal, sleep, divination, endings, energy, good luck, grieving, success, transformation
Pinepersistence, moderation, prosperity, and good health
Poppy Seedsconfusion, chaos, nightmares, fertility, abundance, love, sleep, money, luck, binding
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| R |

Raspberry Leaflove and enjoyment, tempting others, divination
Red Sandalwoodused in incenses for meditation, healing, and trance work
Roselove, beauty, harmony, divination, goddess rites, confidence, trust, healing, luck, protection, peace, happiness, dreams, sleep
Rosemarycleansing, wisdom, protection, confidence, courage, luck, happiness, healing, knowledge, love, release, dreams, honesty, inspiration, meditation, sleep, strength, transformation, wisdom
Rowan Berry – __
Ruewarding, cleansing, love-drawing and protective charms
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| S |

Saffron ["Autumn Crocus"]clairvoyance, divination, cleansing, commanding, healing, purification, spell-breaking
Spearmintlove, cleansing, renewal, consecration, happiness, passion, prosperity, protection, dreams, healing, good luck, success, transformation, truth, courage, hex-breaking, house blessing
Star Anise – _clairvoyance, good luck, psychic dreams, travel, divination, love, passion, preventing nightmares, psychic protection, purification, cleansing, consecration, fertility, gain, happiness, money, _
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| T |

Tarragon ["Little Dragon"]commanding, confidence, courage, passion, protection, strength, calming, keeping secrets, love, peace, prevents theft, retention, sensuality, virility
Thymestrength, courage, cleansing, happiness, healing, love, money, protection, confidence, passion, renewal
Turmericpassion, commanding, confidence, courage, magic, sensuality, spell-breaking, strength
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| V |

Valerian ["Garden Heliotrope"]love, healing, warding, transmuting negativity, calm, serenity, relieves tension
Vervain ["Simpler's Joy"]wisdom, healing, second sight, protection, truth, calm, clarity, cleansing, stress relieving
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| W |

White Mustard Seedsprotection, healing, wards, love, faith, angelic magick
White Willow Barksolace, wisdom, long-lasting love, divination, healing, intuition, dreams
Wild Lettuce ["Titan's Blood"]visions, trance, dream magick, enthrallment, sleep, moon phases
Witch Hazel ["Winter Bloom"]healing, wisdom, protection, peace, love, cleansing, calming, healing, inspiration
Wood Betony ["Hedgenettle"]fertility, health, banishment, making amends, protection, night terrors/paralysis
Wormwood ["Absinthe"]psychic vision, spirit evocation, hexes, curses, reversal, protection, love, banishing
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| Y |

Yarrow ["Witch's Herb"]courage, divination, good fortune, clarity, protects against negativity, divination, psychic vision
Yellow Mustard Seedsluck, love, fertility, health, passion, protection, commanding, cursing, gain, good luck, spell breaking, strength, success, sensuality

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