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Anthropology or Sociology?

I absolutely love learning about animals, so 100% Anthropology.

New England boarding school or Manhattan private school?

I would feel way too prestigious going to a private school, so New England boarding school.

Tailored pants or collared shirts?

Collared shirts.

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Rowboat or bicycle?

A bicycle, rowboats are hard to row.

Red wine or whiskey cocktail?

Whiskey cocktail, sounds more exciting.

The Secret History or The Goldfinch?

I love The Goldfinch so much, but I'll go with The Secret History since I haven't read it yet.

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Latin or Ancient Greek?

Latin. It's all about those Latin root words and prefixes.

Staying up late or waking up early to study?

Staying up late, I am not an early bird. However, if I was really behind on studying I would do both.

City campus or college in the middle of nowhere?

College in the middle of nowhere. Way more intriguing.

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Mysterious new kid or uncanny disappearance?

Uncanny disappearance, we love a bit of a twisted mystery.

Theoretical astrophysics or abstract mathematics?

Not sure I would enjoy either, but definitely not abstract mathematics.

Notes furiously scribbled by hand or hyper-organized binders?

I wish I was organized! I am more of the furiously scribbles notes down before the Professor wipes it off the board type of student.

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Eerily quiet libraries or unsettling empty dormitories?

I would be extremely agitated by the idea of walking past creepy empty dormitories, so I'll go with eerily quiet libraries.

Leather watch or chain bracelet?

Leather watch.

Gothic or neo-classical architecture?

Gothic architecture! I love it so much, and I loved studying it in my Art History class. I could go on for hours talking about Gothic architecture.

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The smell of old or new books?

Old books.

The incessant songs of starlings or the screeching of a lone crow?

The screeching of a lone crow.

Too-friendly roommate or too-quiet classmate?

I am pretty friendly myself, so I'll choose a too-quiet classmate.

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Pick a class: Francophone Literature of Post-Colonial Algeria or Poetry of the Indigenous Pacific Northwest?

Poetry of the Indigenous Pacific Northwest.

Making out with your best friend or a stranger?

Making out with your best friend.

Secret diary or hidden typewriter?

Secret diary.

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