Women should not be enemies, but allies in this world where patriarchy reigns.
We can have our differences, but there are some things that should be done not only to our friends.

Be the woman that fixes another woman's crown without telling the world it was crooked.
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1. Rescue women that seem uncomfortable when surrounded by certain man.

If they seem to be trying to get rid of a man that is flirting with them, get to them and start talking randomly. Ask them with a gesture if they want your help and do it if they do. Even if the man doesn't go quickly, two woman are stronger than one and that will make her feel safer.

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2. Watch each others drinks.

Even if she does not ask you to, keep an eye on the girl's drink while she is not looking. If you see someone putting anything suspicious on it, tell her!

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3. Accompany them through dark places.

Whether it is working, studying or hanging going through the parking lot together is the best choice. Even if you don't know her, talk about anything while going to the car safely.

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4. Tell them if something is wrong with their outfit.

Not to insult or to make them feel bad. If their skirt is folded, the underwear is seen, their makeup is stained, her shoe is broken, their hair had a leave or whatever, tell them without calling the attention of others. Whoever does this, wins lots of hearts. The same goes to period stains.

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5. Let them know if their boyfriend is cheating.

Do it softly, as it will hurt. If you keep it to yourself you will be cheating that girl as well and it may fall on your shoulders the fact that she keeps living a lie. Help her get out of it! Most girls will think that you are lying and will not do anything, but you did your part and that is enough for you.

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6. Give out hair bands and tampons freely.

Today is her, tomorrow may be you. Let's help us all on this one.

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7. Do not fight over a boy.

You are not only insulting him, but you as well. He is not an object, he can choose which one he wants. If that is not you, you should not be upset. You will find someone who chooses you over the million girls he knows.

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8. Never hate woman you have not met.

Nor man. Prejudge is the worst thing the devil has invented. Do not judge someone by what someone else says about them neither.

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9. Never make anyone feel uncomfortable with their bodies.

Do not make fun of somebody's weight or certain characteristic, not even if they already have done it. Do not do it with man either. It is not cool.

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10. Help them find their accessories.

If they liked something you are wearing, tell them where did you bought it and how much did you pay for it. Fashion is not a competition. They are not "copying". Let's all be pretty and well dressed.

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11. Give compliments.

Let's all give each other's compliments. We make their day and also ours. Like I said, there is no competition. Accept somebody else's beauty and talents without questioning your own.

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Let's all follow this code for better!

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Natalia Cristina