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Nickname: Obscura
Birthdate: October 1, 1999
Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
Age: She arrives at the Academy when she is around 20, being younger than all the other members (though appearing physically older than Five).


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Her powers include invisibility, intangibility, and occasional dimensional crossover.


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Born unexpectedly in 1999, she was put into foster care after being left at the hospital. After getting adopted she discovered that she was different from most. She failed to hide her powers from those around her and once she was old enough she decided that she should leave after being an outcast for most of her life.


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Through invisibility, she has become very good at hiding and eavesdropping. These often lead to her overhearing people talking about her. She has anxiety and self esteem issues.


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After the apocalypse, she heads to the academy after learning that there are others like her. The others take her in, in attempts to help her train and control her powers.

Story Arc

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The first time she accidentally crosses dimensions, she meets Ben, who is confused but excited by being able to talk to someone new. This brings them together, as well as Klaus. She begins to investigate Ben's death, wondering if she could bring him back.
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