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One Direction was my favorite band growing up and they were a big part of my childhood/teenage years. So in honor of their 10 year anniversary, I thought I would do the "One Direction tag."

When did you join the fandom

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Early 2012, I became a fan when they were in that episode of iCarly.

Favorite member

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Zayn Malik

First song you heard by them

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What Makes You Beautiful

Favorite song

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Little Things or Right Now

Favorite era

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Take Me Home or Midnight Memories

Have you ever been to one of their concerts

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No ๐Ÿ˜ข

Favorite cover

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One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)

Do you own any merchandise

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Yes, I owned their perfumes, posters, albums and t-shirts. I still have most of their merchandise, except for t-shirts from late elementary and early middle school.

Favorite bromance

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Probably Zouis or Zarry.

Favorite underrated songs

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Strong, More Than This, Wolves, Infinity, Where Do Broken Hearts Go

Favorite album

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Midnight Memories

Favorite Up All Night song

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One Thing

Favorite Take Me Home song

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Rock Me

Favorite Midnight Memories song

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Don't Forget Where You Belong or Little White Lies

Favorite FOUR song

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Favorite Made In The A.M. song

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Favorite music video

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Night Changes or maybe Best Song Ever

If you had the chance to go to one of the boys' solo concerts, which concert would you attend?

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Harry Styles. I've watched a few of his live performances and he seems like he knows how to put on a good show.

Favorite Harry solo song

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Favorite Niall solo song

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No Judgement

Favorite Liam solo song

familiar, liam payne, and j balvin image familiar, liam payne, and j balvin image
Familiar with J Balvin

Favorite Louis solo song

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Back To You with Bebe Rexha

Favorite Zayn solo song

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