Hi all! Times are most certainly rough for all of us right now. Most of us have been in quarantine for a long time, and understandably, it is getting the best of us. Here's a list of a few things that I am loving this Summer even if it has been such a cruel, cruel, summer so far.

The Babysitters Club on Netflix

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This classic show based off the novels recently got a reboot on Netflix! And stars Alicia Silverstone :) she plays the totally not clueless mother of Kristy Thomas. This reboot has a modern feel to it and a slight 90s flair. Enough to make you cry of nostalgia. It sometimes makes me wish I was 12 again. But seriously, this show is a treat for all.

  • True Crime shows*
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If you're anything like me, then true crime is probably right up your ally. Hearing such shocking and heartbreaking cases can make you feel queasy, curious, scared and worried. But playing detective is also fun; keeping in mind of course, these are real life horror stories of real people.

-Unsolved Mysteries
-Cold Case Files

Instagram stories

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I used to only post quotes and pictures on my Instagram; but once I figured out how to make stories, I've become obsessed. It's fun to put together a day in your life and even sprinkle some inspiration in between.

Discovering new music

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As I was watching the BSC, I fell in love with a particular song that was featured in one of the episodes.

I Remember; By Mannequin Online is MUST listen. This song has a superb summery vibe to it.

  • Reading*
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Currently, I am reading Little Women. And I loveee it! But outside of that, I have branched onto reading more news articles. Because it is super important to stay in the loop and keep up with current events to further educate yourself on.

Taylor Swift's new album

WHAT. A. TREAT. !!!!!

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