Since it's almost autumn (not really, but let's pretend it is) I decided to write a list of things that I like to do and that make me appreciate the season of falling leaves even more

Let's get started

- Rearrange my room, adding some fall stuff to make it cozy

aesthetic, nature, and bed image tumblr, book, and coffee image

-Buying some new candles and light them up

candle, autumn, and fall image autumn, fall, and candle image

-My Favourite one - reading while it's raining

book, travel, and reading image autumn, boy, and evening image

-Drink Hot cocoa by the fire

hot ​chocolate, chocolate, and marshmallow image autumn, fall, and home image

-Take a walk through leaves

autumn, leaves, and fall image Image by tenderly

-Drink coffe, a lot!

book, coffee, and reading image book, coffee, and photography image

-Buy some new cozy blankets

autumn, fall, and blanket image
Yes like these!

-Take fall pictures

coffee image autumn, fall, and rain image

-Last but not least, I love long car rides when it's cloudy outside, maybe while listening to some music

rain image