Write a page of a diary

Dear diary,
today is my last day of being 18. I woke up around 10 this morning, just trying to take things slow. I did a Whitney Simmons workout and got ready and self tanned. I'm probably going to go to Target later with mom and get stuff for tomorrow night.
Today I just found out that it's Shane's birthday. It's so funny to have close birthdays with your friends.
It's just so crazy to me that I will be 19 tomorrow. I'm really hoping this year will be a good one. My parents had no idea what to get me. My mom got me a new chair which looks so good in my room, but dad was still struggling. I just told him money would be fine. I'm really trying to save up money for my KP treatment. I want to see major change in my skin by the time I'm 20. I'm just so tired of hiding my skin. But I just hope he starts feeling better. Today he said he was not feeling well and I just believe that God will heal him.

thanks for reading. Please keep my dad in your prayers. Bye Bye.