ello, love.

Welcome to my first ever article :) !!! (Inbetween Days by The Cure plays softly in the background)

First of all, my name is Candela, I'm Latina and I'm trying to get through quarantine by writing about different things I'm passionate about.

For today's article I'll be writing about four weird movies to watch when you are bored. Grab some snacks and let's get into it!!


Get Out

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Your girlfriend invites you to spend a weekend in her parent's house, what could go wrong?

This is the type of movie you should watch without knowing anything about it. Don't even watch the trailer nor read about the plot. Just watch it and be ready for your mind to be blown away.

The Perfection

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Music, passion, love, but mostly madness

I read online that this movie could be considered the Black Swan from Netflix. It is so raw I don't know how was I brave enough to watch every scene.

The Invitation

film, Halloween, and horror image film, Halloween, and horror image film, Halloween, and horror image
Be careful who do you trust

I feel like this one is the most simple out of the four, but it's still amazing. I recommend you to watch with your friends, so that you can be shocked together hahah

The Platform

el hoyo image film, movie, and the platform image the platform, el hoyo, and netflix image el hoyo image
You just woke up on hte platform, we are waiting for the food to come

God, this movie. I cannot even explain how I felt while I was watching it, it was even worse than The Perfection. It really is an unsettling movie and it's for +18 lol. It's really good tho, but watch it with precaution!


That's it for today! I hope you guys have fun watching these movies with your fam or friends (through zoom!). Hope you have a great day, evening, night and stay strong🎔

- Cande ➴