You don’t need a beauty cabinet filled with luxurious creams and elixirs to achieve a glowy, flawless complexion. Instead, add these five essential actions to your daily skincare routine and await incredible results. Promise.

Take Off ALL Your Makeup

Ever fallen asleep with a full face of makeup? You’re not alone. Make it a habit to remove your face and eye makeup every single night to avoid unnecessary blemishes and discoloration.

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Wear Sunscreen (Even Indoors––Seriously)

Sun damage is a major cause of aging and risky health complications further down the road. Get ahead of it now by priming your skin (every day) with a layer of sunscreen before applying your makeup. Many top beauty brands have perfected the skin-saving SPFs. Invest in a formula that is oil free and lightweight enough for all-day wear. No clogged pores, no impurities.

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Stay Hydrated

Experts recommend drinking eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day (8x8––easy, right?). Managing your daily water intake will keep you hydrated and energized. Plus, it’s known to support a healthy metabolism and keep your skin looking (and feeling) fresh and revived all day long.

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Invest In A Power-Packed Serum

Believe it or not, you can keep your complexion smooth and moisturized without breaking out. Test run an all-natural face oil designed to combat breakouts, redness and scarring––they exist, we promise.

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Avoid Touching & Picking

Pesky blemish? Leave it be! There’s nothing worse than touching and picking at your face. ICYMI, your hands are dirty. Even if you’re washing them. Touching your face frequently also makes you more susceptible to contracting viruses like colds and flus. Break the habit, stat. We believe in you.

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