Empowerment represents an act of give a power to someone or yourself. In the case of female empowerment, an expression refers to the greater social participation of women, or allows them to have access to all their rights, without distinction in relation to men. Continue reading to better understand the subject and its importance for the whole society.
When it comes to women's emancipation and empowerment, some people still have a distorted view, classifying it as a competition with men. And the truth is that it is not a matter of competing, but of being equal, having access to the same rights. As much as it seems that things are already like this, mainly in the West, the truth is that we still have a lot to walk and evolve.
Did you know?
In many parts of the world, women are the heart of their communities. Global research and statistics show that when you invest in women, it returns twice as much to families, communities and the whole of society. According to UN Women, an entity linked to the United Nations, the more women enter the labor market and act without differentiation with men, the more economies grow.