1. Even when it doesn't always seem like it, I can promise you, your heart will be strong enough to take whatever it has to go through.

2. You can live without people you didn't think you could ever live without..

3. Be scared but do it anyway!

4. Go on trips with friends but also go on trips alone.

5. Grades, money and numbers aren't the entirety of your being.

6. Tell people how you're feeling. Be honest about your problems and work on them.

7. Travel as much and as far as you can !!

8. Take pictures and make videos of everything you do. Some day you wanna live these memories all over again.

9. Love and accept everyone. No matter who they are and no matter what gender, religion or skin color they have.

10. Failing doesn't make you less human.

11. Being mentally ill doesn't mean you're crazy, you're a failure or that you won't ever get better.

12. Never leave when you're in a fight. The person you're in a fight with, can be gone the next day. If that happens there won't ever be time to talk about it anymore. There won't ever be time to apologize anymore.

13. You are allowed to end toxic friendships. You are allowed to walk away from people who hurt you and you are allowed to walk away from the people who took you for granted.

14. Your mental health is more important than anything.. & having mental health days is necessary !!

15. Be thankful for everything you have, there are people who don't live a life as well as yours..

16. Love your body. This is the only body you get in life. Take care of it, embrace it and love it!

17. Everything happens for a reason.

Article by TessKr on WeHeartIt
Cover photo by Captainoats92 on WeHeartIt