Your past doesn’t define your future
– Unknown

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❝i want to tell about the traumatic childhood i had with a family whom i saw nothing but argument over pointless stuff and topics they only made me insecure that now i’m scared to have my own family scared to own one that’s just like my family.

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Nadine/@sparkling_tears - Dear anonymous, family... We are all blessed and cursed with our family members in a certain way. I'll try to give you some advice. First of all: I am in no position to judge your past experiences. It sounds like they had a huge impact on your recent personality. For me it sounds really important that you process everything you had to deal with during your childhood. I can't tell whether maybe you need professional guidance for that or if you are able to figure it out alone / with friends... At some point you hopefully find closure to this past episode of your life. You can't change that, it'll be always a part of you and your personality (which is totally fine), but it doesn't define who you are today. This leads me to my second point: I understand your fear that the family you will build, ends up the same way. We all have these kinds of fears. Here is the good thing: It is in your hands. You are not your parents. Your family will be how you create it. You can have a loving and caring family atmosphere. Nothing keeps you from it, because you are the creator of your own happiness. I sent you lots of love! Don't give up!
Paula/@thisismesolar - Dear anonymous... oh dear, I actually feel you, and I will give you the advice my doctor gave to me when I talked to her about my family issues. Before trying to fix something, be sure you are safe. Don't listen to the people that say, "They are your family, they are your blood, so you must be grateful" That isbullshit People are horrible, many parents/families are horrible, and if you can't fix it, let it in the past. As my other teammates said, you are not your parents; your future is only yours, and also, it is your decision. It hurts my heart to know about family problems because I experienced it and I know how horrible it is. Please please take care, please, we support you, and I know you are strong! Prioritize your happiness, and stay safe.

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