aesthetic, wings, and white image aesthetic, wings, and white image aesthetic, wings, and white image wings, feather, and angel image
Basic angels all have plain white wings but some of them have pastel wings.
angel, black and white, and dark image
Their halo is a white circle of light which burns humans.
book, light, and lamp image blind, eye, and gray image
Angels can control light, their eyes lose the pupil when they use their power.


gold, wings, and feather image angel, blue, and gold image
An archangel's wings are always pure white with gold or silver feathers. Their halo is also different, it's the same gold or silver as the feathers. Archangels also have the power to give orders to regular angels who then can't disobey. They have a golden/silvery undertone to their skin which makes them shimer in the sun.


black and wings image blue, aesthetic, and ravenclaw image
Demons wings are often black but they can be any variation of a dark color.
Devil, boy, and grunge image Devil, aesthetic, and purple image
They have little horns on the top of their heads which are razor-sharp.
eyes, dragon, and eye image green image
All demons have split pupils and their eyes can be any color.
fire, hand, and blue image fire, hand, and aesthetic image
They all have the power to control fire but at first it's only on their fingertips and progressively it extends to the rest of their body and finally they can project it.


Marvel, fears, and gif image black, smoke, and dark image
Archdemons can also control shadows, making them literaly invisible.
caos, dark, and demon image black and white, boy, and dark image
They have longer horns that spiral either backward or outward.

Common traits

Neither angels nor demons feel the temperature variations so they ofter dress extremely lightly (short and cropped tops/underwears/short dresses and skirts) and stay naked as often as they can.
They can all be any skin/hair/eye color and all of them can fly.
Contrary to popular beliefs they don't hate each others, they are fascinated by each others. In fact they are drawn to the other kind.