✔ They say coconut oil is good for blondes, but - it works great for any type of hair color!

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✔ Ladies i must tell you that HAIR grows faster if you wash it more often!

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✔ My type of HAIR is thick and dry so it doesn't look dirty even when it is- but i still wash my hair every second day because it feels better and it GROWS much faster as i personally researched and experienced.

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✔ My routine:

1. Coconut Oil: I usually apply only the night before i will wash my hair or the same day.

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2. Hair Oil: Bumble and Bumble- i use it every second day and i apply on my wet hair and after i dry it so it doesn't burn when i use iron or curler (it helps a lot).

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3. Olive Oil: i personally apply on scallop same day or night before i will wash my hair.

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4. Nothing without hair conditioner.

5. Silk bedding or silk pillows- help your hair to stay healthy by not breaking hair while you sleep. (i personally have silk pillows- great investment and aesthetic)

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6. Exercise: very important part of growing hair. If you love sport this also helps for your hair to GROW faster! :)

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✔ What is much nicer than fresh and clean looking hair? It is truly a WOMEN POWER!