[that album is really unique and rare]

-But I know that I'm special, yeah
And I'll bet there's somebody else out there
To tell me I'm rare, to make me feel rare

[dance again]
Ain't something you sit back and you wait for

Ain't easy, believe me, but I go there

[look at her now]
-Of course she was sad
But now she's glad she dodged a bullet

-Took a few years
To soak up the tears
But look at her now
Watch her go

[lose you to love me]
-Set fires to my forest
And you let it burn

-We'd always go into it blindly
I needed to lose you to find me
This dancing was killing me softly
I needed to hate you to love me, yeah

-You're all in your feelings baby
All into me
I'm one in a billion baby
Don't you agree?

-If I gave the opportunity to you, then would you blow it?
If I was the greatest thing that happened to you, would you know it?
If my love was like a flower, would you plant it, would you grow it?
I might give you all my body, are you strong enough to hold it?

[people you know]
-When it was good, we were on fire
Now I'm breathing ashes and dust

[let me get me]
-Take that tired heart and go and turn it inside

[crowded room]
-So won't you call me in the morning?
I think that you should call me in the morning
If you feel the same, 'cause

-Baby, it's just me and you
Just us two
Even in a crowded room

[kinda crazy]
-I think you're kind of crazy
And not the good kind, baby
'Cause you're acting super shady

-But my kind of trouble, likes your trouble too

-Can't stop myself, it's true
I like the way you move, uh-huh

[cut you off]
-I imagine all the endless places I could know
With a drop-drop and I let you go
All the possibilities I've got from head to toe
Yeah they'd, yeah they'd, yeah they'd start to show

[a sweeter place]
-Is there a place where I can hide away?
Red lips, french-kiss my worries all away
There must be a sweeter place

-There's a difference between a want and a need
Some nights I just want more than me

-It's better than pills how you put me to sleep
Calling your name, the only language I can speak
Taking my breath, a souvenir that you can keep

-Too pure to understand the lows and the highs
She didn't know if she was gonna survive

[feel me]
-Do your days get a little bit longer?
Nights get a little bit colder?
Heart beat a little bit louder?
Oh (Do you feel me?)