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❤️ H E A R T ; all about relationships

1) Do you have a “type”?
2) Are you usually the heartbreaker or the heartbroken?
3) Flowers from a romantic partner - cute or cheesy?
4) Do you believe in soulmates, whether romantic or platonic?
5) What are your thoughts on dating apps?
6) Do you have someone in your life who isn’t related to you by blood, but is like family to you? Who?

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🧠 M I N D ; personality, intelligence, and thoughts

7) Best compliment you’ve received?
8) What is one adjective you’d hate to be described by?
9) What game show do you think you could win?
10) Do you have a good memory?
11) What is your worst habit?
12) Do you think you act younger, older, or about the same as you really are?

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🤸 B O D Y ; the senses and physical being

13) Smell ; Do you like your candles sweet, fruity, floral, or fresh?
14) Sight ; What is your favourite metallic colour?
15) Taste ; What is the worst thing you’ve tasted?
16) Sound ; What are some of the most beautiful sounds you’ve heard?
17) Touch ; What are your thoughts on hugs? Are you a hugger, uncomfortable with them, or somewhere in between?
18) Sixth Sense ; Have you ever had a gut feeling that turned out to be right? When?

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🌟 S P I R I T ; your passions and what moves you

19) If someone were to make a circle to summon you, what five items would they need?
20) What is one recent trend you just can’t get behind?
21) What social issues are you most passionate about?
22) What is one hobby you had when you were younger that you wish you continued or had time for now?
23) What is something that you’ve tried once, but will never try again?
24) What would be the worst job for you to have?

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🔮 S O U L ; your real self and who you are at your core

25) Are you young at heart or an old soul?
26) Do you think your twelve-year-old self would be proud of you today?
27) Do you have a secret that absolutely no one knows?
28) What colour do you think the energy you give off is?
29) If you could travel back in time to when you were five but with all the knowledge you have today, would you do it?
30) Have you ever gotten revenge on someone? If so, what did it feel like?

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