Ever since I graduated, I tried to take a little more time just for myself. I want to recharge, refelect and figure some stuff out. So here is some Inspiration & some recent moods I loved and you might too!


  • taking a long shower and shaving your legs
  • using a face mask
  • listening to a ~ chill ~ Playlist
  • look into the Mirror and refelect on changes that have occured in the past year
  • rewatching "Call me by your Name" (& get totally nostagic for no reason / debate if you want to move to italy)
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Deep Mystery

  • lying on the Floor and listen to audiobooks and music you loved 10 years ago
  • a cup of tea, or seven
  • looking through your memory box
  • writing letters to people that have once been important to you (and never sending them)
  • What would have been different if…?
  • What happens after we die? (+ optional: having a small existencial crisis)
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Efficent Queen

  • putting on a cute outfit
  • list, lists, lists
  • planning out at least 3 alternative versions of your whole future
  • journalling
  • deciding you want to be a minimalist now & clean your closet
  • covering your walls in post it notes full of good ideas
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Rainy Days

  • taking a bath
  • facetiming your best friends
  • light candle and put on a sweater
  • rereading Harry Potter
  • looking out of the window
  • eating chinese noodles
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Shake it up

  • blast edm music while cleaning your room (and while your on it you could rearrage your furniture)
  • let's research and plan a trip to Italy
  • today is a good day to go on a walk
  • do yoga
  • going to bed early bc you decided to watch the sunrise tomorrow
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Creative Genius

  • spending way too much on Pinterest
  • deciding you want to learn how to sew after watching About 20 Micarah videos
  • watching Lalaland… again… for the 5th time
  • fantacising about living in LA or AT LEAST starting your own Youtube channel
  • cooking a new meal and failing horribly
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Thank you for reading!

xoxo Helena

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