Hey wassup it's MEY!

so I decided to mention my favourite Youtubers ! That Im sure You will like too also if u wanna learn french I've got You some french YOUTUBERS hein!
Let's get started!

# Luhhsetty

curly hair, hair, and lisette image blonde, glow, and makeup image
I feel like she's My sister ; I love her , she's amazing , she talks about everything and all hygiene and Tips to girls without feeling embaressing ... and she works really hard ; really take a look at her videos ur gonna watch all of them ; PS: My fav video that she made is her STAY AT HOME DATE NIGHT!


Image by kay <3 aesthetic, ashley, and floral image
Ashley is just Amazing , I like her style she's confident and always spreading positive VIBES!

Bella Fiori

bella fiori image beauty, flowers, and garden image
She's so pretty ; She talks post videos about her lifestyle and like criminal stories...

Jenn Im

jenn im image beautiful, girl, and pose image
I like watching her videos , she's the example of a Powerfull woman ; She makes videos about her routines Outfits , business A Whole great channel!

Ellie Thumann

beautiful, curls, and girls image coconut, walk, and ellie image
She shows her clothes her trips and theyre literally great!


bracelet, girl, and iphone image youtube, thalia, and haul image
OMG... she does a really good job in her videos she shows her routine , style , hairstyles , and like everything and she's so beautifuuuuuul

Badura Twins

dress, fashion, and luxury image dress, red, and beauty image
THE TWIINS! Theu do makeup tutorials grwm videos and all They're amazing!


internet, online, and video image girl, youtube, and instagram image
Team Zizette! hahahh she's so funny ; always talks her mind ans she gives very good tips I love her!

Lena Situations

body, sea, and lena situations image girl fashion, ootd, and fashion image
Like Lena is amazing literally an ammazing friend daughter and all


beauty, fashion, and girl image roxxsaurus image
Am following her since more than 2 years ; and ignoring the fact that she's gorgeous she made very good videos ; hairstyles outfits...ecc

Taty Cokley

taty cokley image
I honestly wish she was my big sister 😭

Nazanin Kavari

adorable, baby, and date image girl, adidas, and beautiful image
She's so confident ; cute , adorable ...

jazmin gonzalez

Image by 𝐣𝐚𝐬𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞 makeup, model, and jazminsus image
She's amazziiing just watching her makes me happy...

Koleen Diaz

fashion, girl, and dance image teens, fashion, and girls image
She's So lovely like just watch her...

That's it for today maybe am gonna do a second part ...

Thank's for reading