*Topics may be a trigger, topics mentioned gun violence, school shooting, and war

Gen Z, this generation named because they were familiarised with technology from a young age. Some people may say this generation is entitled, uncertain about their future, and rely on technology. That's 3 stereotypes supposedly told from the boomer generation and generation X.

What events have affected Gen Z?

Social media was developing during this generation. This allowed this generation to communicate online, share ideas, and content. Cyberbullying, hate comments, trends, and new careers became a thing that positively and negatively influenced this generation.

For some countries, war or armed conflicts is still ongoing right now as you read this on your screens such as Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Iraq. I am not disregarding any other country also going through this, due to the media presence over the years, these countries are the ones which stick out to me or any other generation which has been affected by previous wars.

Crossfire within schools has particularly affected America than any other country during this time period. Due to many factors such as being able to access a gun easily, mental health problems, bullying, and prejudice.

What type of prejudices still exists?

So how did Gen Z use these events to their advantage?

Social media is used by many people including the boomers, generation X, and millennials. As I said before, these platforms help share ideas and content. Recently, when I have used social media,creators have informed their followers and the public who use these popular platforms about the movement against these prejudices especially after the unlawful murder of George Ffoyd on the 25th of May this year.

On a short video-based platform, I have seen many Gen Zs break social normalities such as men wearing skirts and makeup or people just not caring about their appearance, embracing who they are. People being more accepting of other people's religion and sexuality. People talking about human rights, women's rights, and taboo topics some people can't handle because they are not mature enough, close-minded, or don't have a complete understanding of the topic.

One influential Gen Z, some people may have forgotten is Malala Yousafazi. On the 9th of October 2012, she was shot in the head after attending an exam at her school as the local Taliban at this time banned girls from obtaining an education. Malala is now an activist for female education and helps in human advocacy. However, not born in an armed environment but lived in it as the Taliban was formed in 2007 when she was 10 years old, she was inspired by her father as he is also an educational activist himself and this event to continue speaking about educational rights.

Another influential Gen Z is Emma Gonzalez who is an activist and advocate for gun control after being a survivor after the Stone Douglas High School Shooting in 2018. With her powerful speech and the formation of Never Again MSD with her fellow classmates, Florida took this action and empowerment into consideration and passed a bill changing gun laws in the state of Florida.

Gen Z is showing my generation has a voice and influence to change the world but by bit destroying these prejudices and showing the world what we can do. Older generations have influenced and formed these movements but we are carrying on to keep our voices heard and loud.