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these are my favorite k-pop albums...

โ˜… NCT 127 "Neo Zone" - 2020
fav songs - mad dog, sit down

aesthetic, kpop, and minimalist image album, kpop collection, and kpop merch image

โ˜… BTS "Dark & Wild" - 2014
fav song - danger

aesthetic, bts, and album image aesthetic, album, and kpop image

โ˜… BTS "Map of the soul: 7" - 2020
fav songs - black swan, UGH!, We are bulletproof: the Eternal

aesthetic image aesthetic, album, and kpop image

โ˜… 2NE1 "Crush" - 2014
fav song - come back home

2ne1, album, and CL image 2ne1, album, and black image

โ˜… Taemin "Want" - 2019
fav songs - want, artistic groove, want outro

album, collection, and kpop image beautiful, dancer, and handsome image

โ˜… Hwasa "Maria" - 2020
fav songs - maria, LMM

Image by stรธp album, mamamoo, and hwasa image

โ˜… Blackpink "Square up" - 2018
fav song - forever young

aesthetic, square up, and pink image album, kpop, and pink image

โ˜… KARD "Hola & Hola" - 2017
fav song - living good

Image removed Image removed

โ˜… Sunmi "Warning" - 2018
fav song - black pearl

kpop, warning, and sunmi image sunmi and kpop image

โ˜… Chungha "Flourishing" - 2019
fav song - young in love

aesthetic, album, and kpop image aesthetic, album, and kpop image

โ˜… Itzy "It'z icy" - 2019
fav song - IT'z summer

itzy, kpop, and yeji image Image removed

โ˜… BTS "You never walk alone" - 2017
fav songs - blood sweat & tears, lie, cypher 4

album, bangtan, and you never walk alone image album, kpop, and bangtan image

โ˜… BTS "Love yourself: answer" - 2018
fav song - best of me

bts, album, and love yourself image album, holographic, and kpop image

โ˜… Twice "Feel special"- 2019
fav songs - get loud

aesthetic, feel special, and album image kpop, twice, and mina image

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