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Today, we want to highlight two kind, empathic and stunning replies from our heaters. Thank you so much for dedicating your time to help our anonymous confessors.

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The first comment of the week refers to this article:

Why I liked this comment : Personal experience is a big factor in every issue. If you’ve lived through it, you do know better than the other people who are just guessing about it or trying their best to help through the knowledge they have. In this comment, the writer has a similar experience like that of the anonymous person who confessed it. The commenter gave really good advice to think it through. That social stigma will be a barrier, family might not support you, but still, if you do believe it’s true love, if both of you are willing, then fight for it. But then again, it might be a crush too, an infatuation. So, one needs to think it through. But, nonetheless, he’s a part of your life, so don’t forget him or his importance.

“dear anonymous, i understand completely what you are going through. me and my cousin {well second cousin} had started liking each other when we were 11 years old. at first i didn't think much of it, then one day he told me that he liked me as well i was soooo happy. but then our parents found out and well our chapter ended there. however 2 years later we started talking again, and we still had the same feelings towards each other, until you guessed it, our parents found out again. I honestly thought that maybe it was for the best until recently. a few months ago, my ex best friend who was a boy decided to talk to him. And well that's how we started talking to each other again. We were 15 now, and a lot changed. It seemed like he had moved on from what we had, not that i was complaining. i just really cared about him and i knew he did too. but however something deep inside of me thinks that this is not a coincidence. i believed that it was true love too, i thought he was my first love. but now as i got older i realised that it was just a little crush. i think what you have might be that, don't get me wrong i'm not telling you to not have feelings for him. however life may take you, always keep the people you care about in the back of your mind.because people are always changing, and maybe you two might have a future together the point is, the future is never set in stone. so honestly if he likes you, ask him, but if he doesn't then don't chase after someone that won't put in the effort for you.
yours truly
your fairy godmother {lol}
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The second comment we want to give a special applause to is an answer to the article #3:

Why I liked this comment : Drishti already wrote more than one reply and all of them were super empathetic and helpful. You can see the amount of time he/she put into writing the answers. There are so many aspects that our anonymous confessor can profit from. Just amazing, I could have said it any better.

Drishti: “ Firstly I wanna start with telling you that your English is GOOD. And, you should have more self confidence.
a) 6 years is a long time for you to understand the person and it's great that your relationship lasted that long.
b) I'm not discounting your unhappiness but the initial phase of every relationship is dubbed as the 'honeymoon' phase for a reason. After that it's all real life.
c) If the guy has been with you for 6 years then it's obvious that he finds you beautiful, smart, sexy and much more than that.
d) What you should do is a decision you have to take by yourself but first you have to get rid of your insecurities. That'll happen only if you talk about them with your boyfriend.
I) He'll say that he loves you and there's nothing to worry about.
II) He'll say that he's not happy in the relationship either.
e) Definitely not a thing to go to the therapist for.

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